Leeteuk predicted Girls’ Generation member Yoona would be a star

Super Junior‘s Leeteuk announced that even as a trainee, he had a good feeling that Girls’ Generation member Yoona would be a star.

On the January 10th episode of SBSStrong Heart‘, Lee Teuk reminisced of his days as a SM Entertainment trainee and remarked, “Out of all the 200 SM trainees, I told two people that they would be successful. One of them was Go Ara, and the other was Yoona.”

MC Lee Seung Gi then asked if this was after Super Junior had debuted, and Leeteuk laughed and remarked that it was before. Fellow Super Junior member Shindong added, “Hearing that, you would think that Leeteuk has a keen eye for spotting potential, but he also told me that I would never make it,” causing the entire set to explode in laughter.

Eunhyuk also remarked, “He told me that I would probably leave the group after a little while. But look at us now, the three of us are all together,” and the guests on set continued to roar in laughter.

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[110823] Kyuhyun reveals that his first love was a fan of Eunhyuk’s

On the latest episode of SBS’s ‘Strong Heart‘, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun described his devastation over how he lost his crush to fellow member Eunhyuk.

Apparently, Kyuhyun met this mysterious crush when he went to the hospital after a car accident. He explained, “I went to take care of some hospital bills after receiving treatment, and I experienced love at first sight with a female employee there.”

Kyuhyun went on to say, “It was the very first time in my life that I really felt what love at first sight was like. I asked her for her phone number while taking out my phone, but after hesitating for about three seconds, she turned me down. People recognized me and started talking so I left the area, but I regretted leaving after being rejected only once —  I decided to make plans in my own way.”


He decided that the best course of action was to use the same tactics that actor Park Shin Yang used in the drama ‘Lovers in Paris‘, but he soon learned that his crush had a boyfriend. Kyuhyun was so disappointed that he thought, “Fate must not exist.”

Surprisingly, Kyuhyun got to meet his crush again at a Super Junior fan meeting, and he thought, “Maybe she broke up with her boyfriend, and came to find me. As she got closer, I felt like my heart was about to burst, but then she got into Eunhyuk’s line. I found out right then that she was Eunhyuk’s fan.”

“Seeing her so shy as she asked for an autograph, I wondered to myself if this was a dream. If she had been Choi Siwon’s fan, I wouldn’t have said anything, but I was shocked that she was Eunhyuk’s fan. After that, I don’t believe in fate anymore.”

When asked if any of his fellow Super Junior members are currently dating, Kyuhyun spilled the beans that less than half of the members had girlfriends.

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[110621] Eunhyuk on Strong Heart

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk made a killer return to the hit SBS variety show, ‘Strong Heart‘!

On June 21st, Eunhyuk returned to ‘Strong Heart’ as a fixed member but before he stepped on stage, MCs Kang Ho Dong and Lee Seung Gi jokingly introduced him to the rest of the studio as a ‘world star’. The guests buzzed that it would be the likes of Lee Byung Hun, however, they were shocked upon seeing Eunhyuk come out. Laughing, everyone cheered and welcomed him back.

Since it was his first time back on the show after he left for Taiwan, Eunhyuk took control over the xylophone, joking that Kang Ho Dong got fatter since he left.

He then proceeded with a Michael Jackson dance and later said, “Since this is my first time being back, I wanted to show a cool performance. The teaser to my entrance was made too cool…Sorry, it was only me,” causing more laughter to erupt from the set.

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[110614] Shindong reveals his younger sister on “Strong Heart”

On last week’s episode of “Strong Heart“, Super Junior’s Shindong revealed that he was actually not an only child and had a younger sister.

Currently, she is 14 years old in Korea, attending her first year in middle school, and living with their mother. After their parents’ divorce, the two split up and she lived with their mother while Shindong lived with their father.

Shindong said, “My younger sister is just like me. She also has a loud voice and because I often visited her during vacation, I practically raised her when she was young. She is not at all reserved.”

Changing the subject, he continued, “I thought about this a lot. I kept thinking I had to tell the truth, but after saying I was an only child, it was hard for me take the initiative to speak up.” He revealed why he finally decided to do it: “I was worried that my sister would not be able to tell her friends that I was her older brother.”

His younger sister Ahn Da Young visited the studio and attracted attention with her striking similarities to her brother in both physical appearance and cheerful personality. When people kept telling her how much she resembled Shindong, she said, “We’re not alike,” causing a lot of laughter.

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[110614] Why did Leeteuk apologize to TVXQ’s Yunho?

On the latest episode of “Strong Heart”Super Junior’s Leeteuk decided to ‘fess up to some of his misdeeds against TVXQ’s Yunho.

Leeteuk began by asking Yunho, “When TVXQ was promoting ‘Hug’, wasn’t there a time when you woke up in the morning and your thigh hurt because it had a bruise?”


Surprised, Yunho confirmed that this was true, which led Leeteuk to continue, “I caused that bruise. Yunho is the type who can fall asleep as soon as he closes his eyes. At the beginning of my debut, TVXQ, Super Junior, and even our managers lived together in one apartment. All 22 of us lived in a place that was only about 1,000 square feet. Usually everyone just sleeps, but one time I was walking around and I accidentally kneed Yunho’s thigh. He woke up a bit because it hurt, but then he went back to sleep saying that it was okay.”

The audience laughed, but Leeteuk wasn’t quite done yet. He said, “I sincerely love you, and there’s one more thing…”

“Before his debut, Yunho started saving money in a 5 gallon water bottle. The money was accumulating nicely at first, but at some point, didn’t you say that the amount stopped increasing? I’m sorry. I had no choice. It turns out that with twelve people living together, there’s rarely anything to eat. The younger members would say they are hungry, but what money does a trainee have? At first, I only took out about 50 cents and bought them chips, but slowly the bottle started to drain…”

After admitting his secrets, Leeteuk sincerely apologized to Yunho for the things he had done in the past.

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[110601] Heechul loves JYP, loves himself, but can’t get a compliment from Rainbow’s Woori

On May 31st, Super Junior’s Heechul guested on SBS’s “Strong Heart” and talked about his unique style of DJing.

Heechul began, “There might be people that hate me because they think I’m purposely putting myself out there with antics, but I think I’m actually well-liked. Even before my debut, my agency would always just let me slide by saying, ‘Sure, because you’re Kim Heechul.’”

He continued, “Even while on radio, I say things like, ‘The label inside my heart is JYP.’ They (SM) are understanding of that. On SBS’s radio show, I’ll say, ‘I’m not in a good condition right now so go listen toMBC or KBS.‘ The producers are understanding of me. But still, there are people that are probably uncomfortable with that. If so, then you can just change the channel to ‘Win Win.’”

After a round of laughter from the panelists, Heechul confidently remarked, “Even if they change the channel, they’ll come back to me in the end. I have a charm. You can’t be where I am without charms.”

MC Kang Ho Dong asked, “Aren’t MCs supposed to make sure that the guests shine?”, to which Heechul replied, “As a doctor, you have to take care of yourself so that you can take care of your patients. I, too, have to shine first so that I can make my guests shine.”

Rainbow’s Woori added, “On my first radio guesting with him, he asked me what I thought of his first impression. I really didn’t know so I answered as honestly as I could. His hair was greasy at the time so I said it looked like he hadn’t washed his hair.” With a laugh, she continued, “He became sulky after that and didn’t ask me one question through the entire radio show.”

To that, Heechul replied, “A lot of people compliment me when I ask for my first impression. I ask a lot of questions for those people. I don’t think I’ll be seeing Woori next week.”

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[110215] Changmin compares Siwon and Yunho’s lifestyles on Strong Heart

On February 15th, TVXQ’s Changmin guested on SBS’s “Strong Heart” and shared some fun pre-debut stories which revealed a different side to the idols.

Changmin confessed, “There are times when Super Junior’s Si Won and Yunho’s lifestyles overlap. But if Choi Si Won is like a top tier corporation, Yunho is about in the middle. Choi Si Won’s image is like that of someone who would wake up in the morning and luxuriously read English newspapers, but as for Yunho, he sits crouched on a chair and checks the economic news of the day on the computer.”

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110215 Changmin compares Siwon and Yunho’s lifestyles on Strong Heart