[120403] Choi Siwon’s Dream Kiss Causes Discontent

Super Junior (SJ) member Choi Siwon’s Taiwanese drama “Skip Beat!” concluded the night before last.  The drama had publicized in advance that there would be a kiss scene between Siwon and Ivy Chen, which made the audience have great expectations that there would be a happy ending.  In the end it turned out that it was only a dream sequence for the girl, which made many fans feel both disappointment and dissatisfaction.

SJ has set off for their Paris concert and to celebrate April Fool’s Day on the day before yesterday, member Leeteuk publicly revealed a part of his own telephone number, which caused trouble for a person with a similar number as fans madly made telephone calls.  Even though Leeteuk had already quickly deleted his message and changed it to his own real number, there were still people that believed that his actions were too inconsiderate and want him to publicly apologize.


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[110727] Skip Beat Farewell Party – SiHae

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[110412] Bianca Bai reads comic for upcoming drama, sees SJ as little kids

Bianca Bai who is busy filming the new drama “Extravagant Challenge” has recently catwalked for Bvlgari’s exquisite jewelry at a fashion show. She has not catwalked for a jewelry fashion show in a long while but once she put on the golden diamond necklace which was once wore by Hollywood actress Juliana Moore at the Golden Globe Awards, she felt the luxurious aura all over again.

Bianca who is filming with the highly popular Super Junior’s Donghae and Siwon said that she only sees them as very well mannered children. This is because previously in the filming locations, she has always been the youngest, but this time both the Korean stars are younger than her. Therefore she doesn’t fantasize(about potential relationships) but on the contrary, the level of excitement among her female friends and friends surprised her. Once the news of her filming came out, Bianca’s handphone inbox and email inbox were filled with messages asking when they can actually visit the filming location. Only then she knew how popular Super Junior was.

Now that she has been promoted to the “sister” level, she was asked when would she be someone’s wife? Bianca answered that she currently places her focus on work and will only consider marriage after she turns 30. She also hopes to have children immediately after that.

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Super Junior’s Siwon and Donghae will be filming a male-male kiss scene?!

Since Super Junior’s Siwon and Donghae were cast to play leading roles for a Taiwanese drama, “Extravagent Challenge“, late last year, they recently attended the drama’s production announcement conference, which was held in Taiwan on March 31st. Their female co-stars, Bianca Bai and Ivy Chen, were also in attendance.

Around 100 fans and reporters swarmed to the scene to catch a glimpse of the actor-idols, and they showed immense curiosity toward whether or not the gentlemen would be partaking in any kiss scenes. The drama’s producer, Niu Cheng Ze, clarified, “After announcing Siwon and Donghae’s casting for this drama, a lot of fans shared their varied opinions on my personal blog. Some are in favor of having kiss scenes, while others aren’t. After observing the opinions, there were a greater percentage of people who wanted to see some kiss scenes. We’re considering filming a male-male kiss scene.”

In response, Siwon added, “To tell you the truth, Donghae and I are currently practicing every night.” Donghae instantaneously blurted, “This is nonsense,” causing everyone at the scene to chuckle.

Siwon and Donghae are planning to stay in Taiwan for two months due to the filming.

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[110331] Skip Beat Press Conference – Donghae

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