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Super Junior’s Heechul performs B2ST’s “SHOCK”

Super Junior member and twitter sensation Heechul hosts his own radio show titled Young Street on SBS PowerFM. He’s been known to perform some crazy antics for the Radio program’s webcam and now he’s at it again.

On a recent episode of Young Street, Heechul performed B2ST / BEAST’s past hit single ‘SHOCK’ and he looked so so crazy in doing so. At one point during the performance he stated that he was receiving no sound and jokingly complained that the song had too much English in the lyrics. Check it out below:

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[100927] Kim Heechul’s Youngstreet Transcript – Holiday

Few days ago, Super Junior members went on a vacation. We played football together, and we enjoyed ourselves very much. In the end, Leeteuk’s team lost, so his team members were being pushed into the water by us, it was really fun! What I want to say is…I really don’t want us to separate, and I hope that we can always be together like now. Manager hyung said the way I expressed my feelings was so touching and doesn’t sound like me, so I replied “because I still want to play football with the members.”

Few days ago, I went on a vacation with our members. The air is so refreshing! I went back to Hoengseong to visit my grandmother and other relatives, and I’ve also met with my old friends there. I had a really great time in Hoengseong. I didn’t go back on the Chuseok day, instead I went back a few days later (after Chuseok). The fans even sent the meat to my house, thank you all very much! I had eaten a lot of meat and I’m so full now.

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[100810] Heechul mentioning Kyuhyun on Youngstreet

Heechul: Now I’m also sunburnt, because of the shooting in China, it’s too sunny… Our staff workers are all sunburnt… but, don’t close-up on the camera… if not I’ll go out and break the remote control…

Heechul: Yesterday (I) went drinking with Boa & Kyuhyun… Kyuhyun said a lot… (He) said that during his injury period in the accident, everyone came to accompany him, he was very happy, but when he has something happy to share, it seems like there’s no one around him to be happy with… So I told him when (he’s) happy, being alone is happy, being with strangers is also happy, so it doesn’t matter anymore, but I’ve also been in an accident before, being hospitalised, I know what’s the feeling of lying in the hospital alone.. So don’t mind too much… We actually chatted a lot… but (there’s) limited time, so (I’ll) just mention these… I’m often with Donghae now, in the future (I) will also dote more on kyuhyun. The last song of today (let’s) listen to Kyuhyun’s <7 years of love>.

Heechul: Program is ending soon, I still have to do recording with Jungmo and others…. Of the whole world, Heechul dominates! YS daebak!

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4minute girls bow to Heechul

Although Heechul’s merely 26-years old of age, he’s considered to be one of the highest senior singer in the world of idols. This was proven once again today through a picture posted on the official website of his SBS radio program, Kim Heechul’s Young Street.

In the photo, it seems like 4minute girls―the special guest stars of the week―are bowing to Heechul in unison, as if he was some kind of a godlike figure.

According to the captions included for the photo up top, the girls’ first impression of the man was full of fear (in a joking way) that they were determined to greet him well in the future, as a mark of respect for him.

To feed the validity of 4minute’s statement on how superior Kim Heechul can be in front of newbies, the superstar posed in front of camera to capture two different sides of himself: the angelic Heechul, and the devilish Heechul.

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Youngstreet (w/2PM & Minho) Transcript

Listen to Audio HERE

Recently, on the 10th of May, Junho, Wooyoung and Junsu from 2PM made an appearance on SBS PowerFM ‘Kim Heechul’s Young Street.’ Heechul instructed them to message their friends “I’m having a hard time. Buy me a drink”. The response from Minho is below

Heechul: Right now, like he predicted during the break, he sent Minho a text message and Minho is calling him.

Junho: Should I just answer?

Heechul: Yes, just have a short conversation. Hold the phone near the mike so we can hear Minho’s voice.

Junho: Hello?

Heechul: Speakerphone… put him on speakerphone.

Junho: Hold on.

Heechul: Our Minho shi is so kind

Junho: Minho yah.

Minho: What’s wrong, hyung?

Junho: Ah, hyung is…

Minho: Yes.

Junho: on the radio right now.

Minho: Oh, really?

Junho: I’m on Heechulie hyung’s radio right now.

Minho: Oh, really? You really surprised me, hyung!

Junho: Our Minho is really… ah… there’s really no one but you.

2PM: He’s impressive/cool

Minho: I was so surprised, I was practicing just now but I called you to get ready to go out.

Junho: Oh, really?

Heechul: Whoa. Wow.

Junho: Say something to the Youngstreet listeners.

Minho: Am I on air right now?

Heechul: Yes, you’re on air.

Junho: You’re on live broadcast right now.

Minho: Really?

Heechul: Minho-shi, we don’t have much time, so speak quickly, kid.*

Minho: Oh, ah, hello listeners, this is SHINee’s Minho.

Heechul: Ring ding dong ring ding dong.

Minho: We’re currently in album preparations.

Heechul: For certain, his professionalism.

Minho: We’re in album preparations and it’ll be released soon so please anticipate us, and please give more love to Junho hyung’s, 2PM hyungs’ Without You.

2PM: He has sense, he has sense.

Junho: Minho yah.

Minho: Yes, hyung.

Junho: I really love you.

Minho: I love you, man**

Heechul: Minho shi.

Minho: Yes.

Heechul: This is Heechul.

Minho: Yes.

Heechul: To you, what type of presence is Junho shi?

Minho: To me… Junho hyung?

Heechul: Yes.

Minho: Uh…

Heechul: Yes.

Minho: How should I explain this…

Heechul: You have to be quick. If you don’t speak for 3 seconds that’s a broadcasting accident.

Minho: To me, Junho hyung is…

Heechul: Yes.

Minho: A hyung who will be a big help in my life in the future?

Heechul: Oooh, our Minho shi goes around saying this sort of thing very often.

Minho: Ah, Heechulie hyung!

Heechul: I see, Minho shi, thank you, and come to Youngstreet some time.

Minho: Ah, hyung, I’ll definitely go.

Heechul: Yes, I see, thank you!

Junho: Minho yah, bye!

Minho: Thank you.

Heechul: Thank you.

Minho: Goodbye.

Heechul: Yes.

Minho: Yep.

Heechul: Ah, for sure, Minho shi really called. He must be very close to Junho shi.

2PM: He’s very sincere.

Junho: After I sent him the text, I imagined that he’d call me instead of just texting back.

Heechul: Ahh, yes, this means that these two are really close friends, and on the flip side, Wooyoung shi and Junsu shi must be feeling very uneasy right about now, no one’s calling.

* Heechul starts off formally, calling Minho “Minho shi” but then ends informally with 임마. I can’t think of an exact translation, but it’s similar to “kid” or something along those lines.
** Minho said this in English.

Source: community.livejournal.com/sm_shinee
Translation Credit: Steefee@community.livejournal.com/sm_shinee & soompi (?)
Credit: SHINee Forums
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