[110801] Heechul shares his concerns about life after the army

Super Junior’s four-dimensional member and the chairman of celebrity group called ‘Chocoball‘, Kim Heechul, recently talked about his concerns on life after his future enrollment in the army.

On August 1st, on the summer vacation special edition of MBC’s ‘Yoo Jae Suk and Kim Won Hee’s Play With Me‘, Heechul confessed, “My normal image on broadcasts is being a bit abnormal so I’m not sure that after 2 years of military service, the public would accept my abnormalities again” showing some signs of concern.

Kim Heechul also anxiously added, “If you fall from a low status, you can go right back. But if you fall from a very high place, it’s going to be really difficult to climb back up. Especially now that I’ve already reached my peak…” accumulating a slight resentment from the ‘Chocoball’ members because of Heechul’s self-pride in his popularity.

However, Kim Heechul disregarded the fellow members and commented, “I wonder if many people would still accept me, would I have as much freedom as now?

Meanwhile, ‘Chocoball’ is a Korean acronym for ‘People who are a bit psychotic but with elevated charms every time you look at them’. The group is comprised of celebrities with the AB blood type.

All able bodied Korean men must serve anywhere from 21 to 25 months in a military branch before they turn 31.

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[110624] MBC Come To Play Official Update

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Super Junior DongHae, “Once I have my eyes on a girl, I will make her my girl”

Super Junior DongHae reveals his unique theory of love relationship.

DongHae was recently on MBC Yoo JaeSeok Kim WonHee’s Come To Play aired on 31st May. And on the show, he said, “Once I have my eyes on a girl, I will make her my girl.”

But before he had said that, DongHae had revealed that he has once impersonated as an overseas fans and hugged WonderGirls SunYe. And the MCs asked, “By any chance, do you have a thing for Sunye?” And DongHae explained, “I’m a fan. Since I saw the audition, I have been watching her on TV. I hope she will continue to do well.”

Meanwhile, on the show HyeLim also chose Super Junior KyuHyun as her favourite member on the show.

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100531 MBC Come to Play – Leeteuk, Heechul, Shindong, Donghae, Kyuhyun

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