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World’s Best Song : Blue World – Super Junior 
World’s Best Album : Swing – Super Junior M
World’s Best Video : Blue World – Super Junior , Still You – Eunhyuk & Donghae 
World’s Best Male Artist : Hangeng, Henry, Siwon 
World’s Best Group : Super Junior 
World’s Best Live Act : Hangeng, Henry, Siwon 
World’s Best Entertainer of the Year : Hangeng, Henry, Siwon 
World’s Best Fan Base: Hangeng


[110801] Men’s Uno Magazine August Issue – Hangeng

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[110530] Louis Vuitton Event at National Museum Beijing

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[110509] Han Geng came to help out and touched everyone by fulfilling dreams

China Dream Show> generated high viewers’ rate once again
Han Geng came to help out and touched everyone by fulfilling dreams

Even though the show only started one month ago, ZJSTV’s brand new variety show <China Dream Show> had already became the most anticipated show on saturday nights. This show used its sincere, touching and humourous moments and had won recognition of all audiences. The biggest selling points of the show are ‘fulfilling dreams’ and ‘surprises’. Since the start of its airing, the viewers’ rate and attention towards <China Dream Show> kept increasing. Last saturday (7th May 2011), <China Dream Show> got into another viewers’ rate frenzy, the viewers’ rate was threatening another popular variety show, <Happy Camp>. And also, Han Geng appeared as the dream ambassador, it made the stage shine more!

Han Geng doesn’t have the air of a star at all
Touched everyone by making a fan’s dreams come true

This time, Han Geng appeared as the dream ambassador for a beautiful Shandong volunteer for the disabled, Liu Miao. Although Liu Miao is suffering from a disease but she is beautiful and kind, she would go to the old folks’ home in Tianjin once every week to help out as a volunteer. Knowing that her daughter really like Han Geng, Liu Miao’s mother contacted ZJSTV as a delegator of her daughter’s dream. She hoped that <China Dream Show> would give Liu Miao a chance to perform on stage with her idol.

Of course, after receiving a delegation, <China Dream Show> started to plan a series of unforgettable surprises for Liu Miao, inviting Han Geng to fulfill Liu Miao’s dreams was included as well. Han Geng’s schedule was packed when he received ZJSTV’s invitation, he was really touched by Liu Miao’s story. As the dream ambassador, Han Geng cooperated with all the arrangements of the show and he did not take a single performance fees from the show as well. To him, fulfilling dreams of his fan is a really beautiful thing. And, Liu Miao is also helping others with all her strength, so relations and fulfilling dreams like that should not be build on the standards of money.

Netizens supported Han Geng 
<China Dream Show> presented strong family bonds on Mothers’ Day

The airing on saturday was really touching, and after the show, it invited a lot of discussions on the internet. Many audiences expressed their feelings on Weibo, forum and Baidu Bar. One netizen said: ‘Han Geng is so modest, and he doesn’t have the air of a star at all, when he was hugging Liu Miao’s mother, he had tears in his eyes. Having a sentimental idol like him is definitely a blessings for the fans.’ Another said: ‘<China Dream Show>’s sincerity really touched him. It happened to be Mothers’ Day last weekends, the story between Liu Miao and her mother moved his mother and him to tears.’

After the airing of the show, anticipation towards <China Dream Show> would increase. Actually, to most audiences, the main lead of <China Dream Show> are definitely not the big shot artistes but the ordinary and kind normal people are. Towards the topic, dreams, everyone has the rights to pursue their dreams. At the same time, after all these strong reviews, everyone would believe more that the dream show would present more sincerity and love, as well as the joy and moving moment after the dreams were fulfilled.

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[110511] Japanese Release of Han Geng’s Album “Geng Xin” Receiving Praise as the Most Anticipated Foreign Album

“Geng Xin” has been acclaimed by the Japanese media
as the most anticipated foreign album of 2011

Han Geng’s first solo album “Geng Xin”, which was released in July 2010, has created a sales record of more than 530,000 albums across the whole of Asia.  After Japanese fans have waited painstakingly for 9 months, “Geng Xin” recently landed at various major Japanese music stores, once again causing an upsurge in sales, it has also been acclaimed by the Japanese media as the most anticipated foreign album for this year.

On 27 July 2010, Han Geng released his first solo album “Geng Xin”.  In this album not only is there the title song “My Logo” that was created in the USA, there are even jazz and ballad song styles that Han Geng has never tried before.  This album has been produced by a magnificent multinational team, as soon as it was released it was successful, across the whole of Asia the Chinese version created a sales record of more than 530,000 albums and swept each major sales charts.

After Japanese fans have waited painstakingly for 9 months, “Geng Xin” has successfully been released in Japan, which has also made this album meet with its second wave of panic buying.  In the album released in Japan, not only are there all the songs from “Geng Xin”, there are also matching Japanese translations, the 3 MVs of “Fire”, “Holding an Umbrella” and “Say No” are also included, at the same time there is even a limited edition poster as a gift.  The cover and packaging of the Japanese version of “Geng Xin” continues the Chinese version’s clean newborn feeling, which has followed through with Han Geng’s meaning of starting out again.  For Han Geng’s Japanese fans, they are naturally full of anticipation after waiting for this album for 9 long months.

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