[100719] SHINee’s album Thanks To – Mentioned SJ

Kyuhyun hyung~ Don’t get sick ㅜㅜ

Pretty boy Kyuhyun hyung, please hug me one more time!


The Super Junior hyung that has been with me since young!
The real leader in this generation, my teacher~ Teukie hyung~hyung is the highest!
The heenim that confirmed my talent, Heechul hyung!
The FM Yesung hyung that has the heart like hahaha Ferguson.
Everyone’s source of energy, Shindong hyung~Congratulations!
SJ’s multi-talent Sungmin hyung~
Too skinny Ryeowook hyung,
The one with the best dance skill, crybaby Eunhyuk hyung, you didn’t forget our promise, right?
The first time having my own line, Kyu-line, the Kyuhyun hyung with the nice back, am I really joining Kyu-Line?
The mentor that has lead me to the correct path, Siwon hyung! Hyung, I will follow you~
My good hyung, good friend, handsome and perfect, MY Donghae hyung! With you, I’m really fortunate/blissed and happy!
And Youngwoon hyung~ Please take care of your health! We will work hard!

Credit: SJ宝蓝阁+雪凌儿sjbluecn
Translated by: minoko2440 @ sapphirepearls.com
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(edited)Right now it’s Flower Boys’ Generation Preview

Donghae and Sungmin guest appearance..
Recorded on the 27th of July
Broadcast on 11th of August

BTW~WGM ft. Kangin was suppose to air on the 2nd, but they changed it to next week (or whenever next ep is)



cr: sjmarket/sjofficialsite/sapphirepearls reup-stalker93

SNSD – Junsu were Spotted Cheering at Super Junior concert

source: dnbn
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress

SNSD and TVXQ’s Junsu who come from the same agency with Super Junior were seen cheering at Super Junior’s concert.

Super Junior on July 18th at 6 pm held their concert entitled “The 2nd ASIA TOUR ‘SUPER SHOW Ⅱ’” at Seoul Olympic Park Fencing Stadium.

Before the concert started, TVXQ’s Junsu was found backstage while SNSD seeked Super Junior after the end of concert, which was recorded by live music programs broadcast at the concert hall.

SNSD looked happy giving applauses in ‘Gee’ performance by Super Junior. Up until the end, the girls didnt move at all from their place.

Super Junior members showed up their thankful heart after they finished the stage, “We tremble to see TVXQ’ Junsu came to our concert. Also thank you too for SNSD to come. They’re Super Junior’s friend and dongsaeng.”

In mean time, Super Junior whose stage was at maximum distance from the audiences, successfully narrowed the gap by performing various performances from strong dance, ballads, and even trot.

The fans who came responded in enthusiastic cheers for all dancing and singing all along the concert, when this best concert was nearing the end, the members’ eyes were filled with tears as they’re so grateful.

Super Junior’s concert started on July 17th for 3 days to the 19th.

Who are the top Hallyu stars among foreigners?

Arirang Showbiz Extra surveyed over 3000 members in 60 coutries including the USA, Vietnam, and Philippines to see who the top hallyu stars are and Super Junior came out on the top as Best Male singer of ‘09.  They won 41.9% of the votes. 2nd Place goes to their best friends DBSK with 33.6%.


SHINee won Super Rookie (57%)  – 2pm took 2nd place with 19.7% and FT Island with 15.6%

SNSD won Best Female Singer . Boa came in 2nd place. Boa lost by .4o%.

KimBum(BOF) won Super Rookie in Drama, 2nd place went to Lee Minho

Lee Junki won Best Actor (37.7%), 2nd place went to Rain with 28.9%

Song Hye Gyo won Best Actress with 49.5% of votes.