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[101201] Athena Official Press Conference Pics

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Super Junior’s Siwon doesn’t worry about comparisons to Big Bang’s T.O.P for ‘Athena’

Super Junior’s Siwon, who has been cast for the ‘IRIS‘ spin-off, titled ‘Athena: Goddess of War’,confessed that he is not worried about being compared with Big Bang’s T.O.P’s acting in ‘IRIS’.

During the press conference for the upcoming drama held earlier on November 30th, Choi Siwon expressed,

Jung Woo Sun hyungnim said he does not stress about comparisons. I believe in that too, and I don’t think the actors of ‘IRIS’ will worry either.

The ‘IRIS’ actors received love because of their individual colors and charms. As T.O.P had a great impact in ‘IRIS’, I hope that my devotion in my role will also please the viewers.

In saying that, I don’t mean that I will definitely have an impact. I’ve never hoped to have an impact even when I’m on stage singing. Instead of working hard in order to shine, I find that working hard in the work you are given and the job you have is more important.”

Choi Siwon’s role in ‘Athena’ is as a new agent that just got employed by the investigation agency NTS, and his character is named Kim Joon Ho.

The drama is scheduled to broadcast its pilot episode this coming December 13th, following the finale of drama, ‘Giant‘.

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[100916] Filming Athena in Japan – Siwon

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[100709] Athena – The Test of Acting for Choi Siwon

SJ member Choi Siwon will show off a more developed acting skills in Athena. He will be returning to drama through Athena, broadcasting in Novemeber, as Kim JunHo*. This role initially was given to SS501′s Kim Hyunjoong.

The producer of Athena says “Choi Siwon should be the latest addition to Athena, but he is able to corporate very well with the other lead actors and is able to show a very stable acting. He is fast and full of energy and it totally suits the characters, and also has his cute side during the filming”

Choi Siwon is acting as Kim JunHo and he is a newbie in NTS. He is clear minded, has a handsome appearance, and is a character that owns the heart of his female sunbaes (in NTS). JunHo’s mentor is Jungyu*, who is full of confidence and hence grew to become an agent that is full of charm.

The producer said that Choi Siwon’s fighting/ action scene has not begun filming yet but he went to Kungfu School to practise everyday. “You cannot feel that Siwon is a singer, he is totally immersed into the character. In the second half of the drama, he will appear using a longer image and also has action and relationship type of scene. Through this show, we are awaiting as Siwon turned into a solid good actor”

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