[120529] Super Junior’s Sungmin crowned ‘Chef King’ on ‘Come to Play

Super Junior‘s Sungmin showed off his skills in the kitchen recently on the ‘Chef King’ special of ‘Come to Play‘.

On the May 28th broadcast of MBC’s ‘Come to Play’, Sungmin surprised everyone on set as he prepared a meal that had everyone’s mouth watering.

He revealed the story behind his dish, ‘jjajang ramen ddukbokki’, stating, “This was a menu that was really popular amongst my younger sibling and friends during my childhood.”

Having tasted Sungmin’s special fushion dish, the judges could not hide their surprise as they commented, “I really wasn’t expecting much, this is much more delicious than the other jjajang ramen I normally have.”

When it was time to crown the ‘Chef King’ after tasting the dishes of the contestants, judge Shin Hyo Seob announced Yoon Hyung Bin and Sungmin team as the winner. He also added, “Yoon Hyung Bin’s dish was delicious too, but Sungmin’s was especially better than expected.”

Other teams that took part in this episode were Lee Hyun Woo – Ryeowook and Kwon Oh Joong – Changmin.


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[120529] Super Junior’s Ryeowook reveals his chubby past on ‘Come to Play’

Super Junior‘s Ryeowook revealed his past photos and discussed his chubbier past much to the surprise of the other guests and MCs on ‘Come to Play‘.

On May 28th episode, Ryewook confessed, ”I was quite chubby when I was young. I weighed about 82 kb (~181 lbs),” much to everyone’s surprise considering that he is one of the smaller framed members of Super Junior. “When our family would eat galbi (Korean BBQ) during traditional holidays, I would be told to stop eating.”

When the photos were revealed on screen, Ryeowook made the studio laugh as he commented, “I guess I did eat a lot.”

After viewing these photos, viewers commented, “Wow! He looks really different from now!“, “He’s unrecognizable“, and “That’s really Ryeowook?”

On the same episode, Ryeowook also lamented, “I get stressed out because of my short height… There is about 10 cm height difference between me and Siwon. Sometimes, during interviews, he’ll sometimes put his arms around my shoulder, making me look even smaller, and making me despise him a bit.”

Source + Photo: News via Naver, Sports Seoul via Nate | allkpop

[120529] Super Junior’s Ryeowook has become a better cook thanks to Leeteuk?

Super Junior‘s Ryeowook selected leader Leeteuk as the pickiest eater in Super Junior.

Ryeowook and actor Lee Hyun Woo were teamed up for the May 28th broadcast of MBC‘s ‘Come To Play – Chef King‘ special.

The hosts began to question Ryeowook about his culinary skills to which he replied, “I’m one of the maknaes of the group. There are a few members that are picky eaters, so after trying to match their demands, my culinary skills naturally improved.”

MC Yoo Jae Suk then followed up by asking who the pickiest eater in Super Junior is, to which Ryeowook immediately blurted, “Leeteuk.” The MCs then joked that Leeteuk should instead be called Eepteuk with eep/ip meaning “mouth” in Korean, and teuk meaning “special/strange”.

Meanwhile, the team that was crowned ‘Chef King’ was Sungmin and Yoon Hyung Bin. Others that guested on this episode were 2AM‘s Changmin and Kwon Oh Joong.


Source: Financial News via Nate | allkpop

Super Junior Eunhyuk revealed that he is ranked last in terms of appearance | From 111101

Super Junior member Eunhyuk has revealed that he comes in last in terms of appearance in the group.

On the special episode of the MBC TV variety programme “Come to Play”, which was aired on the 31st (of October), Eunhyuk, Donghae, Lee Junghyun, and Jang Sohee were the guests on the show.

On the day’s episode, Eunhyuk expressed that “When I watched how the members on MBC TV’s Infinite Challenge ranked themselves in terms of their appearance, I thought about how we have one such ranking in Super Junior as well”, and this comment of his piqued the curiosity of the audience. Eunhyuk said that “The most handsome member is Siwon, while Donghae and Heechul are ranked among the top few. On the other hand, I’m ranked at the end of the list”, telling about his awkward appearance rankings.

This has dealt a blow to Eunhyuk, (whom further added that) “I have always thought that Shindong, Yesung and Ryeowook were behind me (in the rankings), but it wasn’t so. Even Shindong was placed in the middle”. When he remembered how Shindong stood out after receiving a double-eyelid surgery recently, Eunhyuk humoredly commented that “I’m fretting whether I should receive some help from the expertise of modern medicine like Shindong as well”, causing everyone to double over in laughter.

After hearing Eunhyuk’s comments, Donghae amended that: “This is a ranking which does not take into account charms or personalities, one which is purely based on appearances”. Although he wanted to help Eunhyuk out, but the hosts said “Why does this make others feel even more sad (for Eunhyuk) after hearing it?” instead, earning laughter from the audiences.

Aside from that, on that day’s “Come to Play”, Eunhyuk had also talked about his pact with JYJ’s member Kim Junsu to never smoke nor drink alcohol, earning everyone’s curiosity.

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Super Junior Donghae revealed that he had danced with Zhang Ziyi before | From 111101

Super Junior’s Donghae and famous Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi danced to “Sorry, Sorry” together?

On the MBCTV variety programme “Come to Play” which was broadcasted on the 31st (of October), Donghae revealed that “Zhang Ziyi and I…” in one of the segments, but even before he could finish his sentence, hosts Yoo Jaesuk and Kim Wonhee were already extremely curious (about what he had to say).

A surprised Yoo Jaesuk asked that “Are you talking about the world star Zhang Ziyi?” and Donghae answered that “I didn’t know that she was such a famous celebrity, and we even danced to ‘Sorry, Sorry’ together”, causing Yoo Jaesuk to be astonished. Eunhyuk, who guested on the show together(with Donghae), made a comparison to Jang Sohee’s previous story where she had tea with the Prime Minister of Mongolia, saying that “later on it’s not only tea, but (you) ended up dancing as well right~”. His hilarious explanation caused the venue to be submerged in laughter.

Netizens who have watched the show left diverse comments such as “How well can Zhang Ziyi dance to ‘Sorry, Sorry’, I’m curious~”, “As expected of the Hallyu star who is at the level of a national treasure~ Even dancing with Zhang Ziyi~”, and “The Hallyu stars’ contacts are really amazing” and more.

The day’s guests included actress Jang Sohee, Lee Junghyun, and Super Junior’s Eunhyuk and Donghae.

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