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[101217] KBS President Official Pics

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[101216] KBS President Ep. 1 – Sungmin

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Sungmin ‘Crying while Drinking’

Super Junior member Sungmin challenging a crying scene while drinking has captured much attention.

Usually presenting himself with a neat, well-mannered image, a photo of Sungmin shedding tears while drinking by himself in a dimly lit bar has been revealed. This photo has made netizens extremely curious as to what happened to him.

These photo stills are of a scene from the new KBS 2TV drama “President.” Sungmin is the son of future president, Jang Iljoon. To assist his father who is campaigning for presidency, he resorts to scheming to achieve his aim, but struggles in agony when his plans do not work out.

A fourth-year student in a prestigious university, Jang Sungmin, like a flower raised in a greenhouse*, often carries a strong sense of inferiority towards his father. In order to receive recognition from his admirable father, he enthusiastically interferes in the election. The results, however, do not turn out well and are frowned upon.

Challenging a crying performance for the first time, Sungmin “felt burdened over having to shed tears while drinking alcohol”. Hence he had to try and understand why Jang Sungmin behaved this way and just how agonised he was. Sungmin expressed his thoughts on acting out the scene, “I immersed in just how misunderstood he must be feeling and the tears came naturally.”

An official of the filming company said, “Acting out a crying scene is not easy but Sungmin immersed himself in the role and cried in an instant, greatly surprising (those around him).” He also added, “Until he understood what the senior actors meant, he continually sought for advices on acting. The love and enthusiasm that he puts into this drama are impressive,” thereby amplifying expectations for the show.

* It is a saying that refers to someone being weak in character, just like a flower grown in a greenhouse as it is unable withstand the usual conditions of the external weather.

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