[111106] Super Junior 6th Anniversary Message [TRANS]

Donghae message:

Daebak!!! Super Junior’s 6th anniversary! Who said we were going to end!! We’re the best SJ ☆ When they ask “who is that”, “who is that”.. history records will tell them.. ^_^ I won’t forget the ones I love! I won’t forget the ones I like! I will remember nothing but you! WOW!! This 6th anniversary, if there wasn’t ELF, there wouldn’t be us! Let’s not forget the things we do together in the future! Don’t cheat on us! Shall we get married? ♡I love you ELF ♡

Kyuhyun message:

To E.L.F ♡
Super Jr. unknowingly! Or maybe I should say finally?
I have been with everyone for 6 years already~♫
Of course.. It’s five and a half years for me.. hahaha~ Even so, I’m part of SJ so it’s 6 years for me too ^___^
Although there are happy memories, or many memories that I/we wish to erase away, from now on, let’s create only blissful memories~ let’s pray! So in the meantime, don’t be a player! Let’s stay together! I love you E.L.F ^___^ kekeke

Leeteuk message:

E.L.F who are so cute and whom we are so thankful of your existence!! Super Junior is already 6 years old. Super Junior and E.L.F must get together even more so and write new history! Love~You~Guys♥

Yesung message:

“Our 6th anniversary~❤ in the future (let’s have) more love!”

Sungmin message:

To: Dear E.L.F.❤
We have being in love for 6 years now!! We have to last for~ever! >3< I have to occupy the hearts of our E.L.F♡

Ryeowook message:

“Guys who are together on the 6th Anniversary… E.L.F
I love you and thank you~ We are really happy.
Let’s continue”

Eunhyuk messege:

I love u!!
You guys are amazing people

Siwon messege:

“We are partners, you are the best♥
trust that we will walk together in the future ^^ “

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Kim Heechul, attracting attention for witty phrase “I did not drink liquor” after expression of affection to fans

Super Junior member Kim Heechul’s expression of affection to the fans has attracted attention.

Recently, Kim Heechul wrote on his personal Twitter that “I’m really not good in expressing (myself). If I can express myself well then it would be my doppelganger (doing the work). But I can feel all your appreciation and preciousness. It’s really good to have fans. Fans, thank you and I like you guys”, and attracted attention through the witty phrase “I did not drink any liquor”.


Another member Lee Donghae also left a warm thank you message through his personal Twitter account, saying that “I was happy because I really received a lot of love in 2010. Let’s be together this year as well!”

Netizens who have read these messages left comments such as “In the future, it will also be invariably Super Junior!”, “Oppas have really worked hard. Thank you always”, “Receiving Heenim’s expression of affection… I’m honoured”, “Donghae oppa(,) work hard in both dramas and singing!”, and more.

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