[120313] Siwon Twitter Updates: who would like to share with me?

@siwon407Our country is known for mirrors, cosmetics, jewelry boxes, red ginseng, seaweed, kimchi, clothing, accessories, among others..

@siwon407could you tell me the different types of goods/products your country is known for?

@siwon407who would like to share with me? pic.twitter.com/f3yjZiHa

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[120109] Super Junior Yesung Enjoying his Freedom!

Wonder how Korean celebrities go out and enjoy what normal people do? It might be hard for Yesung of Super Junior to do it in his home country, Korea, apparently, in Osaka, Japan, he could do some without being noticed. He updated his

Twitter last Jan. 8th proudly saying

“Osaka, how are you! Riding on the subway in Osaka, the joy of being free ~~^^” Combining Japanese and Korean characters. Wearing a pompom knit bobble hat with matching sunglasses, he was able to somehow hid his identity but his pretty charm was still visible.

Many fans replied, “You are so cute Oppa!,”“I wish I’m on that subway too!” and “Enjoy your ride!”

After the successful “Athena Concert” in Saitama last Jan.7th, the group is now heading south for the next concert on Jan. 9th at Osaka Castle Hall.

Next time Super Junior visits your country there is a big possibility that you might just bump into Yesung or some of the members. What will you do?

Source: Yesung’s Twitter @shfly3424| en.korea.com
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[120108] Leeteuk shares group photos of Super Junior’s ramen celebration

On January 8th, Super Junior‘s Leeteuk shared photos of their group dinner together following the end of a successful day.

Leeteuk wrote on his Twitter, “We always celebrate by going out to eat after the end of a concert. Always ramen and cola. Ramen family, Rafam~ Together with Fighting Junior, who’s always full of fighting. Let’s always laugh and be there for one another like now! I love you guys!”

Gathered around at a ramen restaurant in Japan, the boys are seen sharing a simple but sweet dinner while putting up their glasses of coke to say cheers.

Leeteuk also wrote, Donghae‘s phone camera quality is really great. Dongsengs! Let’s always be bright like this and never get tired! And our fans! Let’s be together for a long, long time! Today was such a happy day for me.”

Fans commented back, “Super Junior is always so bright,” “I’ll be with you too,” and “I’ll always love Super Junior!”

Source + Photos: Leeteuk’s Official Twitter  | allkpop
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[111128] Super Junior’s Yesung giving vocal lessons to two rebellious Dongsaengs

Super Junior’s amazing vocalist Yesung  got annoyed by two Dongsaengs (younger sibling).

Recently, Yesung updated his twitter with a info that as a responsible older member and main vocalist he gave vocal lessons to two younger members. He wrote, “We are in Singapore. I am giving lessons to two dongsaengs (younger members) for better performance tomorrow”

In the shared picture it is evident by Yesung’s expression that he is not satisfied with what Eunhyuk andDonghae doing but on the other side both of them oblivious to Yesung’s expressions busy in singing.

In addition, the photo is by SJ’s photographer Choi Siwon, as he notify, “For  information, photo by SIWON, photo contains a lot of things.”

Amused fans replied them, “What Donghae and Eunhyuk doing?? They more seems to annoying you” ,”You’re giving lesson two most difficult member, lol” ,”Hahah, How photographer Siwon points out that he captured this priceless moment

Source: Yesung‘s and Siwon‘s twitter. | Korea.com 
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[111106] Leeteuk Twitter Update: Thank you so much!I’ll be with you till the end of my life!

@special1004: 2005/11/6-2011/11/6 6 years.My members who tought me happiness, pleasure, tears, friendship and the staffs, and E.L.F. who are so precious and sweet!^^Thank you so much!I’ll be with you till the end of my life!I respect you and love you http://pic.twitter.com/VmpyQC5B

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Yesung Twitter Updates


 @shfly3424 twitpic.com/8ado8m Everyone have a good night, goodnight! I am watching …!!
http://twitpic.com/8ado8m 다들굿밤 잘자요 내가지켜보고있다 …!!
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@shfly3424 http://twitpic.com/89vq0t It has been some time, crab in soy-sauce and ginger(?)^^ Kisung hyung, I will eat deliciously ㅎㅎ
@shfly3424 http://twitpic.com/89vq0t 오랜만에 간장게장^^ 기성이형 맛나게먹을께욧 ㅎㅎ
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Super Junior members take a break to hit the slopes

The members of Super Junior gathered to spend some quality time together for the first time in a long while.

Leader Leeteuk shared the above photo via his official Twitter page on the 21st and wrote, “With all of our members and our manager hyungs!!!^^ Went snowboarding for the first time in a while.. It was so much fun!! Keke Better because all of us were together!!!”

The boys were all smiles in their picture and seemed excited to have some well deserved time off. They made sure to stand out on the slopes by dressing in bright, eye-catching colors, a refreshing change from their chic and charismatic stage personas.

Source & Image: Leeteuk’s Twitter