[090502/Donghae] Photo Entry, About Eeteuk

My hyung… Leeteuk.. ^^
2009.05.02 01:36

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I’ve come out to live (on my own) for 12 years…

(I have) Met really good people.

Actually, I cried reading Teukie hyung’s post.

This is a fact that I hate to admit…

But I really can’t do without hyung.

To have been able to come this far, to be where I am now, is only possible because of hyung.

Teukie hyung cries with me when I cry, and laughs along when I laugh.

Teukie hyung thinks about others’ interests before his own, and always wants to give more, no matter how little.

(He is) Really impressive on shows.

I already know that, but his talent is really not a joke^^

Even though there are times when he made the atmosphere awkward..

Teukie hyung never gives up, and courageously faces these challenges.. ^^

Even when I’m 40 years old, 50 years old, I will still believe in hyung^^

I love you!! Hyungnim!!

Hyungnim, don’t feel lonely… Because I will always be at your side nagging^^

I leave my next 10 years in your hands^^

SuJu leader Eeteuk!! The strongest Eeteuk!! You are the true Finger King!!^^

Cr: ONLYSJ13, 十三姨 @ KT私人公寓
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Teuki’s CYworld 090429

..Beloved Donghae.. (…Special…)

2009.04.29 at 01:31 AM

..My brother Lee Dong Hae..who’s now become more than a fellow member of the group..

..it’s been 10 years together..we’ve been through alot..

..Happiness Sadness Joy Tears..we’ve been through it all..my little brother..

..when I come back from a tiring schedule..

..my brother makes me laugh by saying..hyung!!!hyung’s really jjang..ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

..how do you do it on broadcasts?..kekekeke I’m so jealous..kekekeke

..my little brother who can make me smile..

..when I lay down to sleep… he calls out hyung!!!!!!!……

..I’m going to (sleep) beside hyung..and hw slips into the blankets..

..and then because it’s annoying I kick him away..ㅋㅋㅋ then he comes back pretending to be upset

..but its really annoying..kekekekekekekekekekekekekekek *and the laughter goes on*

..he said: Hyung! When I leave for China again, you’ll be lonely.

..now he’s in HongKong…and I’m really lonely..ke

..early morning even though he’s tired he’s always willing to talk about worries and troubles throughout the night…

..he always says..that he’ll always believe in me and will always follow me…and it’s because hyung is doing well..and he gives me strength…ㅠㅠ

..Donghae ya!! I want you to be happy always!!!…

…do you remember that time when we were crying together because we didn’t know what the future held for us, whether we would be able to succeed, before we debuted?..kkkk

..as now you’re working ahead so well..so don’t be worried now..

..Do your best!! Hyung will work hard as well and become the best Idol, and best MC….kekeke

..and then get secured..and bring you up!!!!!!!kekekekeke promise!!!

..I’m alone in this big room..I’m lonely..I miss you..keke

..Your father in Heaven is always watching over you and supporting you..!!!!

..Thank you..!! Like you always said our health is the most important!!!..

..You be healthy too!!

..My little brother Lee Donghae…!! I LOVE YOU……………………^^v

Original Source. 박정수 Cyworld
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Super Junior KangIn and SungMin on SBS ‘Close Note


Super Junior KangIn and SungMin’s awkward relationship?

Recently having their comeback with their 3rd album ‘Sorry Sorry’ after 2 year and 6 months, group Super Junior members KangIn and SungMin will appear on SBS ‘Close Note’.

The 2 had wanted to overcome the awkward relationship between them. Member HanKyung provided, “The 2 are really awkward. Normally when the 2 meet, they will greet each other and their expressions will change completely.”

Also member HeeChul said, “You would see KangIn and SungMin alone with each other. Their personalities are very different. KangIn is more on the manly side while SungMin is more delicate, timid and more feminine (?). Their relationship is like water and oil.”

More about the 2’s awkward relationship and also if they will overcome on SBS ‘Close Note’ to be aired on 16th April at 10.55pm.

credits: sj-world.net

Yesung: I’m Chairman Kim Jungil’s son ? Although it’s absurd but it’s a chance for Super Junior to be known in Europe


“First I got a call from one of my friend who is studying in Germany. There was a picture of me on a Swiss newspaper and they said I’m North Korea’s Chairman Kim Jungil’s 3rd son. I did some searching on internet and in fact, that guy’s name and mine are happened to be the same, it was funny. But after thingking more about it, it might become a good chance. Super Junior might be popular in Europe. I felt very proud of Super Junior while explaining the situation for my friends and other people.”

Recently, Swiss’s famous tabloid newspaper “blick” (www.blick.ch) has posted a Yesung’s picture and introduced him as North Korea’s Chairman Kim Jungil’s 3rd son. SM Entertainment has requested a correction report.

Yesung said “Before the article was released, fans were very suprised when seeing a Swiss newspaper was uploaded to my minihompy” and “I was very embarrassed at first”, “Haha, by this chance Europe people will know about Asia popular group Super Junior. My parents also laughed too”

Yesung, Kyuhyun & Ryeowook are considered “best singer” in Super Junior. He said “I feet good because my opinion was listened when producing this album” and “While the other members attend the show a lot, I will focus more on producing music no matter what”. “It’s not that I’m not interested in show but now I’m more interested in music. I want to show my singing to the fans more.”

Yesung had spent 5 years on training. He had to go back and forth between school in Choongnam Cheonan and Seoul 4 days a week. “School was end at 4PM and I arrived in Seoul at 7PM to begin practicing. Of course I skipped my dinner. At 10PM when the practice was end, I’d come back home by Mugoonghwanho (a name of train) and eat hamburger there. Everyday I had to change the transport 8 times so I feel tired but now think about it, it was wonderful memory”

Yesung said that Super Junior’s team-work is very strong “I’m very proud that we have been in a team for 4 years without having any disunion at all.” and “13 people, everyone has different thought so we always asked each other’s opinions”. Therefore, they can gather the energy and avoid argument.

Yesung said “Although all the fight are small but there was a time we argue with each other because of food menu”, “We all want to eat different foods no matter what. There were members who dislike fish and the ‘polyphagia” members couldnt stand it so we argued. Before, when 13 members and manager, total 18 people lived in just one dorm, shower competition was very intense. At dawn when the activities were end, we came back home and since there were just 2 bathrooms so if you want to have a shower, you’ll have to wait for a long time. And then you even felt tired and fell asleep. However, one of our good point is having a shower quickly. Haha”

translated by evanesco@sj-world.net

credits: http://sj-market.com/

Hangeng, Henry, Donghae, Siwon/Magazine] Easy Magazine April Issue, Our Junior Days

Easy Magazine April 09 Issue

Our Junior Days

Hangeng Junior
The extent of Hangeng’s popularity has been rising at a very fast pace. Mothers of fans know him, roadside magazine vendors recognize him, even old grandmothers from the previous generation know of a progressing youth called Hangeng. Recently, Hangeng was reported by a former primary school classmate that during that time, his height was quite tall, and his appearance was both handsome and pretty, especially his nose, which was high and straight. Because Hangeng’s mother is very beautiful, for him to be so handsome, the credit should go to her. When Hangeng was young, he was very lively and liked sports. Whenever their class had sports meets, Hangeng would be their elite member. Hangeng’s studies were also quite good, he was smart, but not the type that would only study. That time, the most obvious feeling he gave others would “(a) good (child)”, he was a gentle and innocent boy, but definitely not a weak person, if you push his limits, he definitely would not give in. His clothes were always in good taste, unlike normal young boys, you could say at that time he already had a star’s look. On top of that, at that time Hangeng cycled to school on his bicycle, and his bicycle was a popular mountain bike, which was the trend at that time. The handlebars were flat, without a backseat. Before and after school, you could often see him at the school gates.
When Hangeng was in primary school, he was very active in the Arts, and often took part in activities in school, as well as outside of school. Eventually he went to Beijing to study dance, he left before graduating from primary school. Hence, he wasn’t included in his primary school’s graduation photo.

Henry Junior
Maybe because of the similar reason that they grew up overseas, everyone says, that when Henry was young, he looked a little like Pan Wei Bo (Wilber Pan). Indeed, a yet to mature Henry standing in the middle of a group of foreign students, one look and one would be able to identify this yellow skinned and black eyed timid boy as him. A normally quiet Henry, once he lifts his violin, just like transformed into a different person, his entire self becomes alive. Looks like, the Henry who used to cry many times in the past over having to practice the violin, has already become one with it.
Henry is a child who longs for his family, now, everyone should know Henry’s “Making an overseas call home, and spending a lot on handphone bills” story right? Based on the photo on the internet of Henry together with his father, in the photo, Henry fondly wraps his arm around his father’s shoulder, an image of a loving father and a filial son. In the photo, Henry’s father looked formidable, and with the rows of documents behind them, the fans say, Henry’s father looks like a boss who has to attend to many things.

Donghae Junior
The interesting things that happened when Donghae was young can never be completely told even in 30 days and 30 nights. Donghae, whose family lived on the 4th storey of a small apartment, would press the doorbell of the family living on the 1st floor when he returned from school every day, before turning and running away. Eventually, he was caught in the act by someone. Donghae often went to the bathhouse to bathe with his friends, and he was a “repeat offender” who played with water and treated the bathhouse as a swimming pool. Once, he got too HIGH while playing, and pissed off a man nearby. The angry man scared them until they ran in all four directions, thinking of the whole scene, it really is very funny. One meaningful statement is that when Donghae played games when he was young, he lacked stamina, so anyone in the same team as him would lose…… Until senior high, Donghae missed 3 of the school trips organized, when asked about the reason, he said he was afraid to take an airplane. Now, because of Super Junior’s busy schedules, he has to fly quite often, he might laugh in his heart when thinking of himself during his senior high days.

Siwon Junior
Someone who has seen Siwon’s childhood photos before might think, why hasn’t this guy changed at all! Just like blowing a balloon, all of a sudden he’s grown up. Indeed, Siwon’s most meaningful image when he was young, was a “child proprietor” photo of him. Just 1 or 2 years old, he was wearing a suit and leather shoes, it was really adorable. When he was a little older, he completely had the image of a good student. Looking like his diplomat mother, all the way until his trainee days, Siwon’s hairstyle underwent many changes. Mysteriously, curly hair, dyed hair, straight hair, all matched his attractive face, just as if they were natural, saving his hairstylists a lot of effort.

Source: Easy Magazine April 09 Issue
Translations by: –dreamx @ sj-world.net

Blog Entry [Come To Play] Super Junior Special Episode, Revealing Secrets Between Members


Secrets between the Super Junior members will be revealed.

Airing on the 13th, the 11 members of the Super Junior cast (except Eeteuk & Kibum) recorded MBC’s <Yoo Jaesuk, Kim Wonhee’s Come To Play>, & talked of stories of boys becoming men.

For the segment specially prepared for Super Junior, <Finding the Best Super Man>, Super Junior members chose the most idiosyncratic member ‘Super Stone+I’, the member whose mouth is the most not tightly sealed ‘Super Feather’, moreover Sonyuhshidae, Wondergirls etc 30 female idols directly voted for the member that’s most like a playboy ‘Super Casanova’, & also the member whom at any one time found their way into their heart ‘Super Prince’, & awarded the golden cape.

The person who received the golden cape can sit in the seat of honor. Especially the owner of the backroom sky, Leessang chose the ‘Super Artiste’ on the spot. Wanting to get the golden cape, Super Junior members used their entire selves to show their own talents & a refreshing hot gag, leaving the entire place in bursting into laughter. On the other hand, the members that didn’t receive the golden cape were at the backroom pushing buttons & participating in <Come To Play Come On>, also received laughter.

During <Come To Play Come On>, Super Junior members in, ‘Can Never Understand a Woman’s Heart’, ‘ Wanna Get an Apology From This Member’ etc topics, the talk will one by one reveal Super Junior members’ views on women, & the members’ relationships etc secrets.

MBC’s <Come To Play> Super Junior special episode will air on the 13th at 2305H.

original article; newsen
translation credits; fragment @ sj-world.net

SJ Complains, ‘Kangin, his mouth is very imprudent”

Kangin, ever since he became a member of Super Junior, has been unable to keep secrets, much to the grievance of the rest.

Due to air on the 13th, MBC’s <Come To Play> Super Junior special episode chose the member whose mouth is the most not tightly sealed, & it turned out to be Kangin & Eeteuk.

Super Junior members revealed, “the style of the two are different. For Eeteuk, he’ll usually reveal secrets to the members, but for Kangin, other than the members, on variety shows, on radio shows, to reporters etc he’ll also spill secrets, causing rumors to spread all over Korea.”

Accordingly, Kangin said, “it’s strange, all I have to do is look into someone’s eyes & I’ll feel like telling them everything about me. & if that person says I’m fragrant (?) then it’s good.” This kind of outrageous explanation elicited laughter from everyone.

Hereupon, Noh Hongchul said, “I also like to talk, but I can’t catch up with Kangin. In SBS when we were MCs for <Change>, in the waiting room if it was too quiet there would be an awkward feel, Kangin wouldn’t be able to stand it, so even if no once asked him, he would reveal some secrets. The secrets are like the mouth of a spring, they never dry up, it’s like ‘Section TV'”. With these words, the entire filming location burst into laughter.

source: My Daily
translated by: fragment @ sjworld
CREDIT: asianfanatics

Ryeowook, Super Junior’s Domestic Helper


It was revealed that Ryeowook is in charge of doing all the domestic chores in Super Junior.

During the recent recording on MBC ‘Yoo Jaesuk & Kim Wonhee’s Come To Play’ Super Junior special, Ryeowook had to do a special task within his group, having all the attention on him.

The members said “Ryeowook’s like the domestic helper of the house” “always thinking of what to cook today so the hyungs will like it”.

Kangin continued “When the members cook because they’re hungry, Ryeowook gets upset and said “why didn’t you ask me to prepare food instead?” and prepares something for them.” causing everyone to burst out laughing. Ryeowook confessed “When the food i prepared is not finished i’ll be upset” bringing on another burst of laughter.

MBC Come To Play Super Junior special will be broadcast on the 13th at 11.05pm.

source: newsen
translated by: carolyn @ sj-world.net

Sorry, Sorry.- Super Junior’s 3jib

After waiting for 1 year and 6 months, sj’s teaser pictures had finally come out. For sure, many ELFs are super-duper boiling excited to see their idol group together again.

Here are some pictures..