[101106] 5th Anniversary Party – Fan Account (Donghae)

* NOTE: because there are too many cute actions by Donghae during this fan meeting, therefore my memory is a little confused (the sequence), no matter what, felt very happy seeing Donghae like this *

1. The first song for the fanmeeting, everyone were wearing white suits, very handsome

2. After the first song ended, members went to change the next outfit. Donghae wore checkered shirt with a jacket, looking very handsome no matter what ><

3. During the answering questions segment
– Although Donghae worked hard to try to answer, but his tempo seemed to be slower than others, and hence although he wrote the correct answers, he wasn’t able to get a chance to answer the questions.

– Leader always didn’t give him a chance to answer and Donghae pretended to be angry and threw the answer booklet out far. When answering the next question, he went and picked up the booklet himself to answer the question = =

– Because Leader keep ignoring Donghae, he uses violence to threaten leader to give him a chance to answer the question.

– Donghae keep asking the fans what is the correct answer, and he even asked for a lot of times

– The question is “What is Super Junior’s official website”, Donghae’s answer is “Mokpo XXX XXX” (his own hometown address), Heechul answered “www.sj-market.com”. When leader announced the answer, Heechul says “I think that the news there (sj-market) is even faster”

– Heechul gotten a prize (i think it is food), and Donghae immediately says “Never mind, since we will share and eat together when we get back to the dorm”

4. When the 5th anniversary cake came out, Siwon took one and bite, then he gave the rest to the fans. Donghae then say “I also want to give the cake to fans” and he uses his mouth to bite onto the cake and kneel in front of the stage, waiting for someone to bite the other half.

5. When playing Happy Together, fans did a fan-support (please see Donghae’s twitter photo), when the light were on @ stage, Donghae cried. Members asked him why he cried and he can’t even say properly, keep choking (in tears)

6. Seemed like Siwon did an action CF for a phone, and members asked him to demostrate the action live. Because it is a dual fight, he asked Donghae to perform with Siwon. It is like, Donghae doing some fighting actions, then Siwon will show look of him being beaten up. Siwon lie on the floor and did a bobo action to the camera. Then the fans were screaming for Eunhyuk to do the action. After Donghae ‘fight’, Eunhyuk was stun for a moment, and then he went and hug Donghae.
When it is Heechul’s turn, he danced after Donghae “beat him up”. Lastly, it is Kyuhyun. This time round, not only did Donghae has action for it, he even make his own sound (= =), just like the music we have when we were playing games when we were young. After Donghae did the ‘fist action’ seriously, Kyuhyun does not have any reaction and so he repeated it. Then Kyuhyun acted like he was beaten up, running from the stage’s left to right. They are both so cute.

7. Segment of answering the fans’ questions
– The questions Donghae picked are relating to “whether will he choose Eunhyuk” etc. After Donghae picked that ball, he asked if he can reject the question. Eunhyuk also sat at the back and lean on Heechul, pretending that he did not hear it. Leader say Donghae HAVE to answer the question. Then Siwon came out and asked “If that is the case, then what am i?” Then Hyuk says “EunHae is real”, and Donghae says that everyone are friends so he doesn’t want to make a choice like that, saying that fans doesn’t like it this way. Leader then say “Our ELF like it this way though.”

– When the other members are picking the questions, Donghae sat at the side alone, playing with the balls. Then he used those balls to whack/ throw at the people next to him = =

8. When asked about Kibum, Leeteuk let Donghae talked about it, because Donghae met up with Kibum a few days before. Donghae said he met up with Kibum and asked him what is he up to recently. Kibum says that he has been practicing acting and want to show a more handsome look in front of the fans, and felt apologetic that he wasn’t able to appear in front of the fans for such a long time. When Donghae were saying all these, Eunhyuk was imitating Donghae’s ‘choking’ expression when he saw Kibum (the one that they imitated during Strong Heart)

9. When asked about his feeling on today, Donghae says “Very thankful to everyone, everytime there are so many people during concert, hope that there isn’t only 5 years, 50 years, 500 years also wanting to walk down together….” Then when he is thinking what to continue saying, Kyuhyun uses his hand to pinched Donghae’s ears while Siwon kissed Donghae’s face. Donghae wasn’t able to continue and say “They (Siwon and Kyuhyun) like me a lot”

10. During Marry U, Donghae is still the same, singing the saranghae part with the fans.

11. After Marry U, leader asked what are the fans’ wish. Fans said “13!”, then leader says as compared to this, isn’t there someone they want to see? Then Kangin appeared. He is skinnier than the FM during May, more handsome. Donghae was at his side, keep on touching Kangin’s head.

12.  At the ending, everyone waved and leave the stage. Donghae saw that everyone has left and then he went to sit on the chair and say “Next, it is Donghae’s fanmeeting”, then Eunhyuk dragged him away.

Credit: 海世代 OnlyHae
Translated by: minoko2440 @ sapphirepearls.com
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[101107] Boys Twitter Update

* for 05 and 06 *

Via @ryeong9
http://twitpic.com/347mqm 한국도착^^~ 새벽에 도착해서 정신 없지만 오늘 하루도 모두 화이팅!!!^^ 안개가 많네요><
TRANS: Reached Korea ^^~ because reached during early morning, seemed to be a little dizzy, but today everyone have to hwaiting!!! ^^ The fog is so many ><


Via @shfly3424

http://twitpic.com/348e3f 슈퍼주니어 데뷔5주년이예요 ^^ 지금까찌 ……. 그리고 앞으로도 쭉~함께할 엘프 고마워 …….
TRANS: Super Junior debut for 5 years ^^ Up till now………….. And in the future the ELF that will spend together, thank you……….

Via @AllRiseSilver
무슨일인가 했더니…5주년?? 나참..고작 5주년 가지고 뭘. 일년 갈 팀이 5년 가면 대단한거지만 50년 500년 갈 팀이 이제 5년 온건데 뭘 그렇게들………….라고 했지만 진짜 완전 닭살돋고 소름끼치는 중!!!!ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ
TRANS: What happened……. 5th anniversary?? Really. It is only just 5 years. To a group that can walk a year to walked 5 years is really great. But we are a group that can walk 50 years, 500 years, and now it is only 5 years so what is it to be excited about……… Thinking is like that, but I really am having goosebumps all over !!!!ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ

Via @AllRiseSilver
진짜 5년동안 함께 해 준 전세계에 있는 우리 엘프들!!!! 말로 표현 할 수 없을만큼 감사드려요…ㅜ ㅜ 그리고 우리 멤버들!!!!! 진짜 다 필요없고~~~ 오래해먹고 마지막에 웃자!!!!음하하~ 직접 말로는 못하겠고….사랑해!!!!!!♥
TRANS: The ELF from the whole world that has been spending these 5 years with us!!!!! Towards everyone’s thanks, I am really speechless…ㅜ ㅜ and also the members!!!!!!!! nothing has to be said~~~ Let us continue smiling/laughing till the end!!!! Hmm Haha~ Really has no courage to say in front (of them)…… I love you all!!!!!!♥

Via @Heedictator
벌써 5년인건가 이제 5년인건가
TRANS: Now is already 5 years, there is already 5 years

Via @ryeong9
5주년 감사합니다 슈퍼주니어가 이렇게 오기까지 도와주시고 격려해주신 많은 분들 그리고 ELF^^ 슈주멤버들 사랑합니다♥
TRANS: Thank you for 5th anniversary, the people and ELF that has been helping and encouraging Super Junior ^^ Suju members, I love you all ♥

Via @AllRiseSilver
지금 방금 엘프의 야광봉 이벤트! http://yfrog.com/5589zhj
TRANS: Now all the ELF here are waving the lightsticks

Via @Heedictator
슈주 5주년 축하멘트 고마워 고마워! 간지 제대로 났음ㅋㅋ아지트서 한번 뭉쳐야겠구만@skullhong @FtGtJH @2AMkwon @babospmc
TRANS: Thank you for the congratulations you gave for SJ’s 5th anniversary! Super great ㅋㅋSeemed like we should go to the old place to gather already@skullhong @FtGtJH @2AMkwon @babospmc

Via @Heedictator
http://twitpic.com/34fclv Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

Via @special1004

너무나도 감사드립니다!!^^세계최고의 기획사sm ent.!!!부족한우리에게늘큰관심과사랑감사합니다!!sm이수만선생님이하전직원여러분감사드리구요앞으로도잘부탁드립니다!!!!^^ http://twitpic.com/34gg36
Very very thankful!!^^ The best planner SMEnt in the world!! Always giving us the most concern and love often, really thankful!! Thank you SM Lee Sooman president and the whole staffs. In the future, have to depend on you too!!!!^^

Via @special1004

20051106 데뷔5주년!!벌써가 아닌 이제겨우 5년 입니다!!사랑하는 멤버들..전세계의 E.L.F.여러분들 진심으로 감사드립니다..!!잊지못할 팬미팅!!그리고 세계각지에서 전하는축하매시지 잘받았어요 앞으로 새로운역사 써봐요!!^^감사합니다!
TRANS: 20051106 Debut for 5 years!! Not “already”, but “only” 5 years!! Dearest members… ELF from all over the world, sincerly thanking you all….!! The fan meeting that cannot be forgotten!! And also the congratulation messages from all over the world, I’ve already received it. From now on, let’s write a new history!!! ^^ Thanks everyone!

Via @donghae861015
http://twitpic.com/34gn6d – SM 너무너무 감사드립니다! 항상 저희먼저 생각해주시고최고로만들어주셔서감사할뿐입니다 !! 앞으로도 함께해요 !! ^^-SM…세계로!!-우리회식자리에서하는거^^신문대박!!
TRANS: SM very very thank you!! You guys are always thinking for us, turning us into the best, I only have thanks (to say)!! Form now on also have to be together!! ^^ – SM… Heading for the world!! – This is done during our meal gathering ^^ Newspapers daebak!!

Via @donghae861015

http://twitpic.com/34go48 – 완전 아름다운 ELF오늘 너무너무 즐거웠습니다^^ 앞으로도 5주년이 아닌 50주년500주년 함께해요 ㅎㅎㅎ 알라뷰I LOVE U^^Good Night!!
TRANS: Totally beautiful ELFs, today am really really very happy ^ ^ Have to have another 5 years next time, no, 50 years, 500 years also have to be together, I love you ,I love you ^^ Good night


Credit: @Heedictator, @ryeong9, @special1004, @donghae861015, @AllRiseSilver, @shfly3424
Translated by: minoko2440 @ sapphirepearls.com
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