[110711] Henry officiates SM’s Taipei merchandise store

The official artists’ merchandise store of the management company SM Entertainment, which has an army of popular idol groups such as Girls’ Generation, Super Junior, SHINee and more, will be officially opened in Taipei on the 10th (of July). Super Junior-M member Henry specially made an appearance as a guest for the ribbon-cutting ceremony yesterday afternoon, attracting thousands of fans to the scene, and had affected the traffic flow to the point of requiring police assistance. The officiating ceremony, which was initially expected to last for 30 minutes, was shortened to 10 minutes in the end because of this.


On the day, Henry did not forget to promote the hand-held fans which had their images on them, (saying that) “If the fans miss us, you can buy these fans!” He also revealed that he is currently receiving acting training, and welcomed producers to ask him to film movies. He mentioned that he could challenge any type of character, and that he wanted to become a host as well.

The S.M. Official Artists’ Merchandise Store will be opened at the second floor of Five Music’s Xuchang store on the 10th (of July), and is the first Asian store outside of Seoul. They are having a two-day trial sales since yesterday, attracting a large number of fans who rushed to buy the merchandise.

Source: Liberty Times (via Yahoo Taiwan)
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[110625] MTV Exit Concert – Henry

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[110507] SS3 Vietnam – Henry + Zhoumi

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[110319] SS3 Malaysia – Henry

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[180510] Tweets mentioning Henry

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@henrylau89 핸리 형한테 연락도없구..ㅠㅠ ㅋ hope you having a wonderful time with ur family brother. Our entourage miss ya already

TRANS: @hen rylau89 Henry you didn’t even contact hyung ㅠㅠ ㅋ hope you having a wonderful time with ur family brother. Our entourage miss ya already

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@henrylau89 Henry I miss u call me man^^ take care man

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@henrylau89 헨리야 곡때문에그런거니까빨리연락해!!!!급해!!!!녹음해야하니까 시간이없다!!!!

TRANS: @henrylau89 Henry ah Because of the song,contact me soon!!!!Hurry!!!!Needs to record no time already!!!!

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See u later man, stay chill. http://yfrog.com/4jiedtj

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Family and I went to a wedding today! That’s me and my little sister!



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100503 Henry Tweets


went shopping for glasses in Korea! ANyone been to myeong dong? 명동? (trying to look smart!) heheh do I?http://twitpic.com/1khrjd

@onewaychance best big bro in the world lol got me a nice farwell present!! One way’s music playin in the house!! ^^

One Way Chance :

At a farewell party?! Lol for henry with peter and friends!! Everyone tweet him to have a safe trip back home!!

haha more like a get together lol

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Henry’s Facebook Message 100310

Everybody, I cannot thank you enough for the huge amount of support from you all. I cannot imagine how much support we all have. I hope everybody understands where I am coming from. Thank you so much Taiwanese ELF by showing your support, and thank you to all my other fans who love and support me.
Thank You

I hope everybody understands where I am coming from. As you can all tell we are all very stressed at the current situation. Thank you to all of you who are keeping us in your thoughts. And I will never forget how much of a support you really are.
I just wanted to make a quick note for telling people a few things. Please do not send me: quizzes, random applications, or random videos.
I know that you want me to respond on everything, but it’s just getting too much. I’m sorry that I cannot respond to all the mail and messages I get either, just know I do read them.
Thank you for understanding,
Henry Lau.

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