[200410] Hong Gil Dong Pictures

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The New Haircut of Sungmin

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Watch Yesung&Sungmin attending Hong Gildong last performance

100417 Sungmin @ HGD Backstage

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100416 Yesung Cyworld Diary and Photo Entries~

Photo Entry:

2010 04 16
Musical Hong Gildong last performance ^^;;

Diary Entry:

2010.04.16 금 22:59

Musical Hong Gildong has ended ^^
To many people who filled the seats even in the early hour^^

To foreign fans who have always cheered me a lot even though you come from far places!!
Very very thankful^^

Now I’ll go straightly onto Super Junior’s album, I’m going to let you hear more more more more more good music ^^
Please give me a little more time ~~

original source: Yesung’s CY
Translated by LaCrymaMosa

Hong Gil Dong Press Conference Interview

Q : Sungmin & Yesung have debuted in 2009 with the musicals “Namhan sansung” & “Akilla”, now both of you will be in the musical for the second time with “Hong Gildong”, how are your feelings ?

Yesung : Last time “Namhan sansung” was a historical musical, too. And because of it so I feel less nervous this time with “Hong Gildong”. And because I have many same things with Hong Gildong so there isnt really difficulty in practicing. Although my acting still lacks something but I will try my best to show everybody what I couldnt show last time. Especially because there are many action scenes so I’m in the middle of learning how to use stick as weapon and fencing.
Sungmin : Actually the only word/line in “Akilla” is Akilla so the acting is both difficult and easy at the same time. But the lines in “Hong Gildong” is much more different in compared with “Akilla” so I think it’s more difficult to me than Yesung hyung. And there will be many splendid action scenes in this work.

Q : In the future you will continue participating in musicals so do you have any work that you want to try individually ?

Yesung : Personally, I have many work that I want to try. It was pity that I had to practice for “Namhan sansung” so I missed “Notre Dame de Paris”. But the musical that I want to try most is “Mozart!”, it’s pity I couldnt participate because of the year-end music award ceremony. In the future if there are chances, I want to do not only historical musical but also challenging myself in license works.
Sungmin : I still have a lot of thing to learn so I should take “Hong Gildong” as a chance for me to improve my ability. If there are chances I want to do some good works. I want a lot of things but I also lack a lot of things.

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