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[110621] Eunhyuk on Strong Heart

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk made a killer return to the hit SBS variety show, ‘Strong Heart‘!

On June 21st, Eunhyuk returned to ‘Strong Heart’ as a fixed member but before he stepped on stage, MCs Kang Ho Dong and Lee Seung Gi jokingly introduced him to the rest of the studio as a ‘world star’. The guests buzzed that it would be the likes of Lee Byung Hun, however, they were shocked upon seeing Eunhyuk come out. Laughing, everyone cheered and welcomed him back.

Since it was his first time back on the show after he left for Taiwan, Eunhyuk took control over the xylophone, joking that Kang Ho Dong got fatter since he left.

He then proceeded with a Michael Jackson dance and later said, “Since this is my first time being back, I wanted to show a cool performance. The teaser to my entrance was made too cool…Sorry, it was only me,” causing more laughter to erupt from the set.

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[110614] Shindong reveals his younger sister on “Strong Heart”

On last week’s episode of “Strong Heart“, Super Junior’s Shindong revealed that he was actually not an only child and had a younger sister.

Currently, she is 14 years old in Korea, attending her first year in middle school, and living with their mother. After their parents’ divorce, the two split up and she lived with their mother while Shindong lived with their father.

Shindong said, “My younger sister is just like me. She also has a loud voice and because I often visited her during vacation, I practically raised her when she was young. She is not at all reserved.”

Changing the subject, he continued, “I thought about this a lot. I kept thinking I had to tell the truth, but after saying I was an only child, it was hard for me take the initiative to speak up.” He revealed why he finally decided to do it: “I was worried that my sister would not be able to tell her friends that I was her older brother.”

His younger sister Ahn Da Young visited the studio and attracted attention with her striking similarities to her brother in both physical appearance and cheerful personality. When people kept telling her how much she resembled Shindong, she said, “We’re not alike,” causing a lot of laughter.

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[110614] Why did Leeteuk apologize to TVXQ’s Yunho?

On the latest episode of “Strong Heart”Super Junior’s Leeteuk decided to ‘fess up to some of his misdeeds against TVXQ’s Yunho.

Leeteuk began by asking Yunho, “When TVXQ was promoting ‘Hug’, wasn’t there a time when you woke up in the morning and your thigh hurt because it had a bruise?”


Surprised, Yunho confirmed that this was true, which led Leeteuk to continue, “I caused that bruise. Yunho is the type who can fall asleep as soon as he closes his eyes. At the beginning of my debut, TVXQ, Super Junior, and even our managers lived together in one apartment. All 22 of us lived in a place that was only about 1,000 square feet. Usually everyone just sleeps, but one time I was walking around and I accidentally kneed Yunho’s thigh. He woke up a bit because it hurt, but then he went back to sleep saying that it was okay.”

The audience laughed, but Leeteuk wasn’t quite done yet. He said, “I sincerely love you, and there’s one more thing…”

“Before his debut, Yunho started saving money in a 5 gallon water bottle. The money was accumulating nicely at first, but at some point, didn’t you say that the amount stopped increasing? I’m sorry. I had no choice. It turns out that with twelve people living together, there’s rarely anything to eat. The younger members would say they are hungry, but what money does a trainee have? At first, I only took out about 50 cents and bought them chips, but slowly the bottle started to drain…”

After admitting his secrets, Leeteuk sincerely apologized to Yunho for the things he had done in the past.

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Super Junior’s Leeteuk Is Crowned ‘Crying Baby’

[Newsen Reporter Park Yeongjoo]

National MC Kang Hodong gave a sincere advice about Leeteuk’s attitude.

On November 30 at the broadcast of SBS Entertainment Program “Strong Heart” (MC Kang Hodong, Lee Seunggi), Super Junior member Donghae said“We were playing basketball with the members, but (suddenly) Leeteuk screamed and he couldn’t get up. It’s not even a sprained ankle, but he screamed because of a blister”.

Donghae said, “That day when we woke up, Leeteuk hyung was not there. Later I found out that day was Star King’s filming day. Then SHInee Minho called me and asked , ‘Did Leeteuk Hyung break his ankle? He keeps being carried on (someone’s) shoulder at the filming site”

Donghae then continued, “After the filming ended, Leeteuk hyung went home with a sad face and he said his heart feels hurt like he’s been brokenhearted. It turned out that it was because Kang Hodong asked him, ‘Where is it that hurts? You aren’t a pro. Your body is not your body’”

After hearing this, Kang Hodong said, “At the filming site, Leeteuk was exaggerating a skin meat, not a blister”, crowning Leeteuk as a “crybaby-dol”*. Donghae then acted out how Leeteuk who was only wearing his underwear, shouted “I’m a Pro!”**; making the studio laughed.

Meanwhile, Park Hasun, Moon Chaewon, Choi Jinhyuk, Donghae, Kang Minhyuk, Kim Wonjun, Yuri, Sooyoung, and the other were guesting in this broadcast.

* definition of crybaby
** this happened when Leeteuk was already home

Source : NEWSEN
Translated by ☆★pinkninja@sj-world.net

Strong Heart PD,”How are we popular? Ask SUJU!”

Strong Heart has been the most show watched in Tuesday for 9 weeks straight. How did Strong Heart get a good start from the beginning?

Is it because of guests telling powerful stories?Making the place into tears because of a sad story?

Strong Heart PD had told a different answer than we thought. The PD said it is because of Leeteuk,Eunhyuk and Shindong, the show is always fun.Even the viewers think like that too.

Super Junior members, Leeteuk,Eunhyuk,Shindong are the main guest performing Teuk Academy,TeukGiGaYo, and Teukie’s Teukiehan Searching Rank.TeukGiGaYo was from BoomGiGaYo before Boom was goes into the army.They perform with a fun song, and once in awhile makes the guests embrass themselves with pictures they bring.

PD said “The always gets ready for everything.They come 2~3hrs early and checks how they should do it and what to do.They live as Gagmen, not as a singer’s life.”

The show that was aired at 1st of Dec, they danced to Tutu’s 1 out of 2, and danced perfectly with the Tutu member.After that, LeeTeuk did his mini show of Teukie’s Teukiehan Searching Rank and made people laughed.

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Original source: psyon@newsen.com and T-Style.com
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