[101202] SJM Interview with SINA

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SJM album to released in September?

Fan: Zhoumi ge, are you doing well lately? When is the 2nd album releasing? When are you coming back to China? When are you coming to Beijing? Really miss all of you! Fighting! Waiting in Beijing for you to return!
Zhoumi: 小傻瓜, hi! If the album is done quickly, it should be launched around September~ patiently wait for us!


Hangeng, Henry, Donghae, Siwon/Magazine] Easy Magazine April Issue, Our Junior Days

Easy Magazine April 09 Issue

Our Junior Days

Hangeng Junior
The extent of Hangeng’s popularity has been rising at a very fast pace. Mothers of fans know him, roadside magazine vendors recognize him, even old grandmothers from the previous generation know of a progressing youth called Hangeng. Recently, Hangeng was reported by a former primary school classmate that during that time, his height was quite tall, and his appearance was both handsome and pretty, especially his nose, which was high and straight. Because Hangeng’s mother is very beautiful, for him to be so handsome, the credit should go to her. When Hangeng was young, he was very lively and liked sports. Whenever their class had sports meets, Hangeng would be their elite member. Hangeng’s studies were also quite good, he was smart, but not the type that would only study. That time, the most obvious feeling he gave others would “(a) good (child)”, he was a gentle and innocent boy, but definitely not a weak person, if you push his limits, he definitely would not give in. His clothes were always in good taste, unlike normal young boys, you could say at that time he already had a star’s look. On top of that, at that time Hangeng cycled to school on his bicycle, and his bicycle was a popular mountain bike, which was the trend at that time. The handlebars were flat, without a backseat. Before and after school, you could often see him at the school gates.
When Hangeng was in primary school, he was very active in the Arts, and often took part in activities in school, as well as outside of school. Eventually he went to Beijing to study dance, he left before graduating from primary school. Hence, he wasn’t included in his primary school’s graduation photo.

Henry Junior
Maybe because of the similar reason that they grew up overseas, everyone says, that when Henry was young, he looked a little like Pan Wei Bo (Wilber Pan). Indeed, a yet to mature Henry standing in the middle of a group of foreign students, one look and one would be able to identify this yellow skinned and black eyed timid boy as him. A normally quiet Henry, once he lifts his violin, just like transformed into a different person, his entire self becomes alive. Looks like, the Henry who used to cry many times in the past over having to practice the violin, has already become one with it.
Henry is a child who longs for his family, now, everyone should know Henry’s “Making an overseas call home, and spending a lot on handphone bills” story right? Based on the photo on the internet of Henry together with his father, in the photo, Henry fondly wraps his arm around his father’s shoulder, an image of a loving father and a filial son. In the photo, Henry’s father looked formidable, and with the rows of documents behind them, the fans say, Henry’s father looks like a boss who has to attend to many things.

Donghae Junior
The interesting things that happened when Donghae was young can never be completely told even in 30 days and 30 nights. Donghae, whose family lived on the 4th storey of a small apartment, would press the doorbell of the family living on the 1st floor when he returned from school every day, before turning and running away. Eventually, he was caught in the act by someone. Donghae often went to the bathhouse to bathe with his friends, and he was a “repeat offender” who played with water and treated the bathhouse as a swimming pool. Once, he got too HIGH while playing, and pissed off a man nearby. The angry man scared them until they ran in all four directions, thinking of the whole scene, it really is very funny. One meaningful statement is that when Donghae played games when he was young, he lacked stamina, so anyone in the same team as him would lose…… Until senior high, Donghae missed 3 of the school trips organized, when asked about the reason, he said he was afraid to take an airplane. Now, because of Super Junior’s busy schedules, he has to fly quite often, he might laugh in his heart when thinking of himself during his senior high days.

Siwon Junior
Someone who has seen Siwon’s childhood photos before might think, why hasn’t this guy changed at all! Just like blowing a balloon, all of a sudden he’s grown up. Indeed, Siwon’s most meaningful image when he was young, was a “child proprietor” photo of him. Just 1 or 2 years old, he was wearing a suit and leather shoes, it was really adorable. When he was a little older, he completely had the image of a good student. Looking like his diplomat mother, all the way until his trainee days, Siwon’s hairstyle underwent many changes. Mysteriously, curly hair, dyed hair, straight hair, all matched his attractive face, just as if they were natural, saving his hairstylists a lot of effort.

Source: Easy Magazine April 09 Issue
Translations by: –dreamx @ sj-world.net