[110817] Super Junior ‘Mr. Simple’: Successes and experiences that cannot be reproduced

Hallyu wave is expanding throughout the world

If H.O.T and Shinhwa were the ones who started the spread of Hallyu Wave in Asia, then Super Junior is the one that has allowed this Hallyu Wave to expand beyond Asia into the international arena. Leaving aside contributions and influences given to the Hallyu Wave by singers and groups who choose to venture into the American and European music industry, instead focusing solely on the groups who chose to present their stage locally (in Korea and Asia) in order to improve their popularity by using their influences, Super Junior is no doubt the leader (in both these aspects).

After debuting for nearly 6 years, Super Junior has based their developments in Korea, although they have released Japanese and Chinese albums, they have not gone to the extent of targeting a specific overseas market, SJ-M, their sub-unit’s activities started only much later, Super Junior’s development in Korea faces very stiff competition, as the rate where idols debut and subsequently gets replaced is so rapid, they too face the risk of getting replaced by a new generation of idol singers, (and because of this) Super Junior is not considered the number one group in the hearts of the people in Korea, as the best group to them may well be one of the other groups. However this group of youngsters who have fought hard in their home country, they have come to experience extremely high popularity in Asia and in the world by means of their individual charms and talents.

Their previous Asia tour concerts have always sold out and this has proven to people Super Junior’s formidable popularity, they subsequently allowed SMTown concert to be held in Paris and they have attracted countless screams, all these allowed people to see Super Junior with a new perspective, creating a miracle. <<Mr. Simple>> is the last album before Leeteuk, Heechul and Yesung enlist in the army, and in addition to SJ’s popularity, the release of this album has attracted extensive attention. The press conference that was held in conjunction with the release of the album attracted more than 100 different news media with 170 reporters present for the interview, it is an unprecedented occurrence. As a reference figure, a press conference held for the release of an album by one of the first line singers would usually see about 10-15 news media attending. Apart from the reporters, fans from all over the world also came to the press conference location, with banners reading “The Return of the Superior”, and among these fans, there were also European fans who have travelled a considerable distance and this once again showed the influence that Super Junior has in the global stage. Super Junior’s press conference was also relayed live simultaneously through Faceboook, Youtube and other renown websites and this kind of scale (of promotion) is something that cannot be achieved by previous singers who were releasing their albums.

Despite everything said, a singer’s popularity requires the support of album sales, and in this aspect, Super Junior would never be lacking. Since the release of their new song, the album’s title song has swept first place in all the major Korean music sites, at the same time the online popularity of their song did not affect the physical album sales, new album <<Mr. Simple>> was released simultaneously in 11 different countries, and in order to fulfill fans’ enthusiastic response, all major Korean music stores have created a special section (in the store) equipped with individual checkout counters specially for the sales of Super Junior’s album. Since the release of the album, the albums are sold at an average of 10000 copies per day for the past week displaying explosive popularity and exceptional sales, and this kind of sales volume is something that certain singers won’t be able to achieve even over a period of one year.

Successes and experiences that cannot be reproduced

As the saying goes “Rome was not built in a day”, the accomplishments and popularity that is achieved by Super Junior is not something that can be obtained overnight, but instead, it is a result of their continuous strive and hard work, their successes and experience is something that cannot be duplicated / copied.

As a group who has debuted for nearly six years, (they are the) core of the entertainment industry, during this six years, Super Junior has established a very good network within the industry, to the extent where upon the release of their 5th album, various artists have come forward to show their support, and among these artists it includes SNSD, f(x), SHINee, DBSK which are members of the same company, there is also their close friends such as Defconn, Mighty Mouth, and on top of that there is actor Shin Eun Kyung, composer Joo Young Hoon, all these supports have come to prove Super Junior’s good relationship with others.

Family and fans’ support is one of the motivations for them to continue to go forward, and in the new albums’ “thanks to”, some members were very concise while some wrote lengthy paragraphs to express their deep gratitude towards those people that have given them strength, Leeteuk, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun and Shindong’s long and complete “thanks to” entries expressed their gratitude to everyone beginning from their company managements all the way down to ELF and everyone around them; Heechul who has the best connection (in the industry) summarised all his friends in one line; Donghae who is the most soft-hearted member, wrote a letter to his late dad; the kind hearted Sungmin used several different languages (in his thanks to) showing his consideration towards fans from all over the world, Siwon continued to portray his strong religious qualities while Yesung who has become more and more humorous used Miss & Mr. completing his thanks to in a single line, Eunhyuk on the other hand made himself the best “present” to repay all his fans*

What is more commendable is the fact that, to repay fans’ gratitude, Super Junior members are not only talking about it, just like how leader Leeteuk named their fans Ever Lasting Friends, they treat their fans with sincerity just like how they would treat their friends. They would communicate with their fans through twitter and other social networking sites, members and fans maintain a good level of communication, and during this time’s comeback, with regards to fans that waited and supported them under the blistering hot weather, the members paid out of their own pockets to purchase cold drinks for the fans, showing their care towards their fans, this considerate way of treating fans is not something that all artists can do, and this is also why there are more and more fans who would willingly support them.

The friendship between the members is equally precious, for a group who has so many members, yet able to cooperate in a coordinated and unanimous manner, the communication and understanding between members is a very crucial point, the heartwarming interactions between the members, and the determination not to separate despite differences in opinion, allowed people to see that this group will be able to make it far. Also, we were able to see that the active members have not forgotten Hangeng who has already left the group, Kangin who is currently serving in the army and Kibum who is temporarily absent, just as it was shown during the comeback stage, during the song <<Superman>> they sang: Super Junior are thirteen stars. “13” is a number that is everlasting for Super Junior, whether or not the members are by each other’s side.

Last weekend was Super Junior’s 5th full length album Mr. Simple’s first week on first place of the (music programme) charts, title song Mr. Simple has swept various main stream music charts with a whirlwind like manner. Super Junior not only returned to Mnet <<M!Countdown>> for the first time after a long absence, they were also crowned first place (during that programme), and in KBS’s <<Music Bank>> and MBC’s <<Music Core>>, Super Junior who has immense popularity also topped the charts taking home the trophy **. Super Junior’s new era has arrived once again!

* he only wrote “go anchovies” so I’m not sure how this relates to that.
** Music Core does not give out awards. Mr. Simple currently have won first place on MuBank and M!Countdown

SOURCE: ent.sina.com


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