[110821] Dream Team Recording

credits: clean water | photo by: akira,×1704 – 甜蜜熱線× 强赫(强仁银赫)專屬。1704 Sweet Line, Best Couple | photo by: Oppaya, myJustMIN
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Dream Team Filming – DailyVita Sungmin

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[020610] Dream Team Filming – MinHyuk

Credit: Besteunsung & SJBLG
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Dream Team Filming – Donghae (In sync with fanaccount)

Can’t see Donghae here? This is when he failed his challenge, and everyone went up to console him and hug him.

Console Donghae Part II – Minho

Console Donghae Part III – After Minho is done, Siwon’s turn

When trying out the beams, its only Donghae that has Siwon’s help with it. Holding him throughout

Siwon asking him to go over to hug?

Finally, you feels like a hyung now

With Thai-Prince, the warmth in his eyes

Eunhyuk’s turn to console him. Main focus, the hands.

Backview of him and Minho

Look at those balloons!

Minho’s expression

Yesung’s expression is about the same as Minho’s.. Why does everyone look at him with this expression?

Hiding behind the cloud… Behind the cloud to hide yourself from the sun?

One at the left, one at the right. Hyung-whore. Leeteuk, you not tired?

Shindong’s new recent look

Credit: 海世代www.onlyhae.com
Photo By:Coco
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Dream Team Filming – FanAcct (Donghae POV)


This is during the recording of Dream Team on 020610.

1. Before recording starts, there were many fans there holding fan-signs that wrote “Donghae Oppa, (is it) refreshing” – Referring to the game that those dorks are playing.

2. At about 1pm, their car arrived and the music playing at the scene is MiInAh. The ELFs present there were giving their support, so the atmosphere is very good.

3. Donghae was on a black car. After he came out he ran over to the white car. Hopping/Jumping about, super cute.

4. The members that participated were, Donghae, Yesung, Siwon, Leeteuk, Eunhyuk, Shindong and Sungmin. When they came out of the cars, Leeteuk, Eunhyuk and Donghae immediately took out their handphones and started filming the fans there. Donghae even walked to the front to take a closer shot.

5. Everyone was standing outside, only Donghae was standing inside the shelter, was he afraid of being tanned?

6. After a while, Donghae came out of the shelter and saw 2PM fans’ balloons for Nickhun. He was so excited, pulling Minho and asking him to look.

7. Leeteuk asked everyone if anyone went to the Fan-Meeting last week and asked if it was interesting. Then he asked what song does everyone wants to hear, everyone says Boom Boom.

8.When recording starts, SJ danced to a short part of MiInAh, haha sport attire version of MiInAh ^^

9. Leeteuk turned over and says that the weather is very hot, and asked if they were feeling hot, and even says that everyone are the best fans.

11. DT Team and SJ Team has to play Scissors,Paper,Stone. Donghae VS Nickhun. In the end, Donghae lost, immediately when he lost, he covered his face with his hands and sat on the floor, his expression and actions are very cute >< And the one who lost has to be hit on the forehead by the winner, so Donghae has to be hit by Nickhun. Nickhun says that because Donghae is a hyung, so he don’t dare to hit him too hard, Donghae immediately says “Its alright, its alright”, so Nickhun just hit Donghae’s forehead without any worries ^^, The sound is quite loud T.T and after being whacked, Mr. DOnghae immediately cover his forehead.

12. After the competition starts, it isn’t DOnghae’s turn yet, so he sat at the bottom of the stage, and all the other members were exposed to the sun. Only Donghae is using the towel to cover his head, seemed like he is really afraid of being tanned.

13. When they are trying the four beams, everyone tried out themselves. Only Donghae has Siwon to hold his hands when he tried, holding him up, and holding him down. (Totally like a kid)

14. When its Donghae’s turn to compete, the host asked him about his thoughts. Summary of what he says “Because there are so many fans’ supporting (them), so we will do it well”

15. Actually Donghae is really a sports-elite. The way he run is so nice, a totally different image of the mischievious and cute Donghae that we normally sees. After he successfully jumped onto the cushion opposite, Donghae danced a little of “Sorry Sorry” (If I didn’t remember wrongly, it should be this song = =||)

16. When its others’ turn to challenge/compete, Donghae was sitting below and the PD that is holding the camera keep filming our Donghae-sshi, Hope that when the show was broadcast we can see more of him ^^

17. Nearing the end of the competition, the two teams are only left with 2 people each. DT team is Minho and Eunhyuk, SJ teams is Siwon and Donghae. When its Donghae’s turn to re-challenge, the ELFs in the scene shouting “Saranghaeyo Lee Donghae, Milky Skin Lee Donghae, Lee Donghae jjang”

18. Donghae fell into the water at his last challenge. Seemed to be because he did not step properly, so he tripped a little. When he came out of the water, Leeteuk asked Donghae to talk about his feeling. Donghae only said a few things, then Leeteuk said Donghae cried, then the fans there were shouting “uljima uljima uljima <- dont cry”. Then, Siwon took a towel and walked towards Donghae, Minho also went up, all going to console him.

19. When he came down from the platform, Donghae turned around and told the fans that he did not cry, but while saying that, he was covering his eyes and gave an embarrassed smile. When he sat down, EUnhyuk, Minho, Yesung and the rest hugged DOnghae together.

20. In the meantime, Donghae looked for the CODY and requested for a big big mirror, and he went to look at the mirror by his own at the corner. Is he worried that he doesn’t look good after coming out of the water? HEHE Totally cute~

21. When Donghae came out of the water, the fans were shouting “take it off, take itoff”. After a while, Donghae took off his outer sports-attire, but there is a singlet inside too. Then he just wrapped himself with the towel.

22. Because the water is too hot, and the sun is too hot, Donghae never let go off his towel. He was either covering his head, wrapped around his body, or tied it on his waist.

23. When the competition ends, and have to record the last part, a sunbae in DT team says, he has not have any contact with SJ in the past, only knows that they are a very popular group. But today, after interacting with them, finally (he) knows why SJ has so many loves from the fans, because (they are) really a very great group. And says SJ’s ELFs are the best fans

24. After the recording ends, Donghae immediately pulled Leeteuk’s hand, wanting him to ‘organise’ the members to greet the fans together.

25. In the scene, whenever the members says “wuli SUper Juni-Or~ye~yo”,the fans will immediately shout together “wuli ELF-or-ye-yo~”. The atmosphere was great!

26. In the break during the middle of the recording, the manager drove the car over, and brought them to the toilet together. When everyone was in the car, don’t know which member said “Lee Donghae get off the car, not allowed to go (to the toilet)”. In the end, it was Eunhyuk who drove the car to bring them to the toilet.

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100602 Dream Team Filming – Kyuhyun

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KyuWhore Minho?

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100602 Dream Team Filming – DailyVita Eunhyuk

Credit: dailyvita & ardilla门门@海世代
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