[111105] Sungmin Blog Update: “TOMORROW…”

6 years!!!

wow time goes so fast…

I’m always thankful and grateful…

This concert is our 6th year anniversary performance…

loljk don’t believe that~ ^^

Dancing really hard… it’s been a long time since I’ve danced so it’s a bit tiring…

I asked my mom to make me Herbal Medicine so that I can do the concert well…

As I eat Herbal medicine (which I didn’t eat before cuz it was too bitter)

make everyone fall for me!!!

…from the Herbal Medicine smell huhuhu

anyways there’s not much left…


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[110419] Yesung Cyworld Photo Entries

Photo Entry 02:40
In Folder ‘Super man!!

2011.4 .. with our Kkoming ^^ Photo Entry 02:42
In Folder ‘TV

Super Junior Leeteuk and Yesung’s Kiss The Radio ^^ Photo Entry 02:35
In Folder ‘Heaven Cloud

2011.4 …Meeting Namho hyung after a long time^^ Photo Entry 02:37
In Folder ‘E.L.F.

Super Junior World Tour !!

Photo Entry 02:38
In Folder ‘Love is..

Our ELF who are the most beautiful in the world !!

Source: Yesung’s CY
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[110106] Sungmin Cyworld Diary Entry

2011.01.06 Thur 19:27

Thank you~^^ Keyboard happened to be not good to use… (I) Can use computer hereafter~ 2011.01.06 Thur 19:28

Went to KTR for the celebration but I received even more presents~ Thank you very much~ (I) Was planning to buy a pair of UGG boots, great!

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110101-110102 Sungmin Cyworld Updates

2011.01.01 토 21:13

I am really a blissful person
Received so much love on the first day of the New Year
And allowing me to have a happy start (of the year) ~

Thank you everyone (,) I love you~^^

Though the cake is a little squashed while on the way here
But it is still very pretty (,) the food is also really delicious~^^
Octopuses which I love to eat were also added in it in a sense way! ㅋㅋ Oppaya thank you


2011.01.01 토 21:14

Will use it well~ (I) like this a lot (,) worried about not knowing how to use it..^^ㅎ

2011.01.01 토 21:16

Received a flower basket from BLUESTAR and letters from many fans, thank you~ Most of them were written in Japanese and Hangul for my sake~
Though now (I) am still not familiar with Chinese characters*, but I will work hard and learn to read the Japanese that everyone wrote ^^ Now (,) I am able to understand most of them~ ㅎㅎㅎ

*referring to the Chinese characters in the Japanese language

2011.01.02 일 00:25

Sorry~ Because I wrote the messages using the phone application, I pressed the wrong button, kept having them disappearing while in the midst of writing, and it switched off, I actually wrote for a total of 5 times, was a little confused, (and) wrote wrong~

Yesterday during the performance, (I) wrote (the messages) and deleted (it), so i had the thought of writing it just now when the time allows..

I am very thankful to all the fans who support and care about me, you guys always gave me strength~

I have no intention of specially favouring any fans, so please do not misunderstand ^^

Source: Sungmin’s Cyworld
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[101210] Sungmin Cyworld Update

posted via Iphone
Title: 2010 12 10 daily life
Date: 2010.12.10 18:26


The other day there was really snowy weather with big snowflakes*
While on standby at the set
I secretly took this photo.. beautiful? ^^
How clearly the Iphone shoots these days is really jjang..

posted via Iphone
Title: 2010 12 10 daily life
Date: 2010.12.10 19:00

Source: Lee Sungmin’s cyworld
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[101105] Sungmin Cyworld Update

101105 10:04

Kyuhyun who is learning iPhone4 showed his Polaroid camera… Hoo! His shocked expression is very cute… Now taking off in 5 minutes! The 500,000 fans waiting for me in Thailand please come with smile~ Hoo!

Chinese translation from Baidu Lee Sungmin Bar
English translation from mhilin @ perMINent.net

[100812] Kyuhyun’s Cyworld Update

Title: 09. Tokyo Trip – Day 3

2010.08.12 02:37

This place is my personal interest in Odaiba.
Oedo Onsen Monogatari*!!!

When I was in Japan I really wanted to go to a hot spring.
But because of the short amount of travel time I couldn’t go to each city’s famous hot springs but to compensate I’m here at a big hot spring~
My personal interest is Odaiba.

Firstly, I picked a yukata that suited me~

And then enjoyed a bath in the hot spring~

It felt just like a public sauna but there is a bath outside and I was craving for a hot spring and now I’m very happy.

I went inside and felt like I went back in time to the Edo Dynasty.
In order to fill my hunger from walking around here and there I decided to eat ramen!
After eating the delicious food I dipped my feet in what I think was like a foot bath? Anyway after walking all the way around the very fantastic place I ended with a foot bath.

There were lots of Japanese people and I wanted to make a memory (so there were so boys?) I played with them enthusiastically and talked to their parents with my fluent Japanese skills. kekeke

With some swagger I took lots of photos here and there with people and had a very satisfying time! I really recommend it!

*Info about the onsen (hot spring) he went to http://www.ooedoonse…igaeri/english/

c r e d i t s ;
Kyuhyun’s Cyworld
English Translation: pinkorean★ @ super-legacy.com

[100622] Yesung’s Cyworld Photo Entry

우리꼬마들 ~~ 바닥재 모래루 바꿔줬다 ^^ ㅎㅎ
무럭무럭 자라렴 ^^

TRANS: 2010.6.22
Our Kko-ma(s) ~~ Changed into sands ^^ ㅎㅎ
Am growing up well ^^

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