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[110704] Kibum Confirmed to Appear in the Drama ‘A Deep-Rooted Tree’

Super Junior’s member Kim Kibum has been confirmed to appear in SBS drama A deep-rooted tree.

PD Hwang Kiyong from SidusHQ who will produce A deep-rooted tree said in a phone call with Ohmynews, “Kim Kibum has been confirmed to play the role “Park Paengnyun” and the shooting did not start yet.”  “Park Paengnyun to be played by Kim Kibum was a scholar at Jibhyunjun who received affection from Sejong the Great alongside Sung Sammoon.  He was a member of Sayookshin who schemed to restore Danjong to the throne but was executed.

The period drama A deep-rooted tree deals with the mystery that happens at Jibhyunjun 7 days before the Korean script is issued.  The drama is based on a historical mystery novel written by Lee Jungmyung.  When the novel was released in 2006, it was called the Korean Da Vinci Code.  The novel is about a conspiracy surrounding a series of gruesome murders at the palace.  It depicts a conflict between the group who supported the invention of Hangul and the group who opposed it.

The drama was written by Kim Younghyun and Park Sangyun who wrote Jewel in the Palace and Queen Seon-deok.  Currently, Han Sukkyu, Jang Hyuk, Shin Saekyung, Yoon Jaemoon, and Song Joongki have been cast.  In the drama, Han Sukkyu will play Sejong the Great and Jang Hyuk will play a government official at Kyumsabok who will conflict with Sejong the Great.

SBS drama A deep-rooted tree will air on September 28 after Protect the Boss ends.

Source: Ohmynews
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Which Idol would be the Most Successful Actor ?

Total of 30 Idols included in this Poll ; 27,921 Netizens voted.

  1. SNSD TaeYeon
  2. SHINee Onew
  3. SNSD Yoona
  4. Super Junior Kibum
  5. SNSD SooYoung
  6. 2PM Taecyeon
  7. SNSD Jessica
  8. Super Junior Siwon
  9. Super Junior Heechul
  10. DBSK Yoochun
  11. Super Junior Sungmin
  12. Super Junior Yesung
  13. DBSK Jaejoong
  14. SS501 HyunJoong
  15. FT Island HongKi
  16. CN BLUE Yonghwa
  17. Big Bang Seunghyun
  18. DBSK Changmin
  19. After School UEE
  20. Big Bang Daesung

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[Cyworld] Other Artist’s Cyworld on KiBum

In Folder “Star That Met Yoon Young Mi”

Kim Kibum
2010.03.10 09:42

Work through (as) Super Junior member

Isn’t it Kim Ki Bum who recently is commited to acting?

Now is doing “A (Middle) Nap” play that is directed by Heo Jin Ho.

So handsome and good looking,

While we’re talking (I found out that)

His inner side is even more meaningful young man!

Even he grew up in USA

He is not close with online or computer

He is an analog young man who likes fishing and climbing

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Kim Kibum “I never think of leaving Super Junior”

Kim Kibum has expressed “I never think of quiting Super Junior just for once”.

There was doubt from fans and people in music field if Kibum had some conflict with the company so that he didnt attend the promotion of vol3 “Sorry sorry” with Super Junior . There were also rumors that he quitted Suju and not in a good terms with the other members. Kibum has been absent from Super Junior’s activities begin from first performance of “Sorry sorry” in March until the year-end music award ceremony in December.

Regarding to that problem, Kibum said “I coudlnt attend the promotion because I had to practice for the movie <Jumunjin> and the play <A middle nap>. I think that acting is also one of various field of Super Junior’s activities. I didnt attend the music show doesnt mean I’m not a member of Super Junior”.

He continued with “I know that there are fans who say I dont quit but they’re all scared. Last month when Suju got the daesang award at Golden disk, I has called and talked with the members everyday. I may live away from them but my heart is full with joy more than anyone else”

But Kibum also said he couldnt confirm if he will attend the promotion with Super Junior from now on or not. He said “For now I only consider to attend in play and drama. I will have to talk with the company more to decide whether I will participate in vol4 or do solo activities or just focus on acting for the time being”.

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