skyENT ‘What Do We Listen Today?’ with Eunhyuk [Phone Call Cut+TRANS] – From 150629

3rd Album Waiting, Still Kyuhyun

Credit: reneee (

Eunhyuk: Hello?
MC1: Oppa~
Eunhyuk: Yup
MC1 & 2: Hello
Eunhyuk: Hello~
MC1: Oppa who are you?
Eunhyuk: I am Super Junior Eunhyuk~
MC2: Hello, sunbeanim~ I am in charge of being sexy and cute in Nine Muses, Sungah~
Eunhyuk: Yes, nice to meet you~
MC1: Oppa we’re filming now~
Eunhyuk: Ah but I have to use honorific right?
MC1: No you can speak comfortably
Eunhyuk: I can speak comfortably (without honorific)?
MC1: Yes yes. We’re filming now~
Eunhyuk: Yes
MC1: What if.. you receive 100 days holiday
Eunhyuk: If I receive
MC1: What would you like to do?
Eunhyuk: I should hibernate~
MC2: Isn’t it a little bit too naive? If you have 100 days holiday, you either go on a trip or famous restaurant tour or shopping, do you have something like that?

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