150701 Leeteuk Twitter and Instagram Update: ..Thank you..^^

3rd Album Waiting, Still Kyuhyun

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..Thank you..^^We’re missing Donghae..Dongsaengs who came bringing the cake and lit the candle thinking I would’ve been lonely..#thedaymyearcameout#Leeteuk#Kangin#Eunhyuk#Donghae#Cakepack#thanksverymuch#birthday..^^

*he uses the word 귀빠진날 (literally means the day my ear came out) which is an idiom for one’s birthday. When a baby is born the hardest part is to get the head out, once the head (and ear) comes out, the mum has passed the most difficult part and so the baby is born!

Source: ; special_js1004
Translated at sup3rjunior.com by: reneee


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