150102 Super Junior New Year Wishes to ELF [9P+Translation]

Leeteuk: (Hope your) 2015 will be full of good events and!!! everyone, be healthy! Receive many luck and share that luck!! I love you!!

150102 Leeteuk NY message

Heechul: It’s 1.1 T▽T I still write it as (20)14. Let’s pass (2015) safely? like 2014. Ah (the passing of) time(/age) >w<.. (20)15, I’m still not ready..+_+

150102 Heechul NY message

Kangin: In 2015, health is the priority~ I hope (your year) will be full of events that will only make you laugh~ Receive many luck!

150102 Kangin NY message

Sungmin: Be healthy in the new year, be happy, and I hope that everything you do goes well

150102 Sungmin NY message  

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