141112 [STARCAST] Sensitive ballad singer, Kyuhyun appears in Golden Fishery Radio Star?!

Today is Wednesday, the day of Golden Fishery Radio Star broadcast which is observed by Kyuhyun is aired~!!
Also 12 am of tonight (Wednesday) is the time for Kyuhyun that has started to attack ladies’ heart with honey-like vocal cords and sweet voice to release first solo album ‘At Gwanghwamun’ and start earnest solo album activities~!!
So we have prepared interview of sensitive ballad singer, Kyuhyun done by Golden Fishery Radio Star’s MC, Kyuhyun that is met through STARCAST. Meet the exciting interview of Kyuhyun who has greatly acted two roles deep from his heart now! : )
(*We notice that this interview is a content projected by formalizing entertainment program, ‘Golden Fishery Radio Star’ but unrelated with the program.)

141112 starcast kyuhyun015

▷Golden Fishery Radio Star MC, Kyuhyun: Before starting the interview, let’s watch the MV teaser image of Kyuhyun’s solo album title song, ‘At Gwanghwamun’ which was released today morning.


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