141021 [STARCAST-★&fan] “We’re the strongest fandom in space”… 9 years of SuperJunior and ELF

141021 naver article sj017

We say that ‘there is no day for the ink on the passport to dry~’ by seeing this, right?

141021 naver article sj002

China, Thailand, Japan, Hong Kong…..
They say that there are no countries they’ve not been to.

141021 naver article sj001

They say that they run to wherever they are.
Who is this with global fandom?

141021 naver article sj010

“We’re SuperJunior~”
We met SuperJunior’s official fan club, ‘ELF’ on 16th. Members that gathered this day aged in 20’s~30’s. They say that they are fans that went through all sorts of hardships including dogfights. They say they’ve watched only SuperJunior since 2005 until now.
How did ‘ELF’ fall into SuperJunior? We will release personalities of each member which only ‘ELF’ knows. The legendary episode which only belongs to the oldest group is a bonus~. We wrote fans’ names in false names for the protection of human rights (?).
◆ Introduction: The day when they fell into SuperJunior
This is an…

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