140809 Sukira (KTR) with Ryeowook [Transcripts]

Ryeowook: If you stay on the 12th floor, you will only see members staying on the 12th floor. But Sungmin always comes up because Heechul’s footsteps are too heavy “ku ku ku”, Sungmin-ssi finds it too noisy so he always comes up hahahahaha

Ryeowook: I’ve been practicing these few days. If I give hints for SJ’s 7jib it will be too easy. But this song’s name is manly type. Seems like we always go for manly concepts… Been manly since SJ’s U, the next Don’t Don too. There have been reports like this, are we girls? This time there is a 30 years old manly feel but I am not 30! I am obviously still in my 20s.. but most of our members are in their 30s so…

Source: 銘儀___

Ryeowook: SJ’s title songs are always manly. During Don’t Don period, it was manly too and reporters asked why do…

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