140116 Kyuhyun shares his ups and downs being a musical actor and how he overcomes them

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140114 chosunmedia Interview with Kyuhyun [Translation]

chosunmedia Interview with Kyuhyun [EngSubbed] [Video] – From 140114


Super Junior Kyuhyun sat down with Chosun Ilbo on Janaury 14 for an interview about his newest leading role in musical ‘The Moon That Embraces The Sun’.

Throughout the interview, the Super Junior’s maknae impressively shared matured thoughts of being an idol-turned-musical actor.

According to Kyuhyun, he received curses when he debuted as a musical actor in ‘The Three Musketeers’ in 2010. He said,

“95% of them cursed me while the 5% rest didn’t care at all. I intentionally read those curses on internet and realized that there are people who think like this. To ease that, I go to my fancafe and feels relief that there are people who love me. From the negative comments I’ve read, I tried to worked on the ones that I think are necessary…

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