140115 Heechul Instagram Update: “Kim Cherry”

We were discussing with Kangin days ago about nicknames and it reminds me about Heenim, Kim Cherry, Kim Pink and so on. Those nicknames like Kim Pink means Pink Otaku.. and then I was like “Hey KangKing! Kim Cherry was given by you, is that right? Why did you choose it?” but both of us didn’t even know why he called me Kim Cherry kk I asked Gunhee too and he doesn’t know either. Nobody knows why I am Kim Cherry.. If any of you knows, you could tell me. I thought, on broadcast, “Maybe it was because my hair was coloured like that..” but I don’t know if this is really correct.

140115 heenim insta1

 Now I know why I am ‘Kim Cherry’ kk Kangin and I were picking a fruit that seems to be like us, I guess? He was looking at me and he said, “Heechulie hyung looks like cherry”…

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