[120109] Super Junior Yesung Enjoying his Freedom!

Wonder how Korean celebrities go out and enjoy what normal people do? It might be hard for Yesung of Super Junior to do it in his home country, Korea, apparently, in Osaka, Japan, he could do some without being noticed. He updated his

Twitter last Jan. 8th proudly saying

“Osaka, how are you! Riding on the subway in Osaka, the joy of being free ~~^^” Combining Japanese and Korean characters. Wearing a pompom knit bobble hat with matching sunglasses, he was able to somehow hid his identity but his pretty charm was still visible.

Many fans replied, “You are so cute Oppa!,”“I wish I’m on that subway too!” and “Enjoy your ride!”

After the successful “Athena Concert” in Saitama last Jan.7th, the group is now heading south for the next concert on Jan. 9th at Osaka Castle Hall.

Next time Super Junior visits your country there is a big possibility that you might just bump into Yesung or some of the members. What will you do?

Source: Yesung’s Twitter @shfly3424| en.korea.com
Shared by: lavendergirl54

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